What Are You Discovering Behind Your Walls?

Researching Your House History, Including Its Structure & Inhabitants

Here is a simple format to help you get started while researching your house history. Three case studies are presented and there are two attachments below. The live broadcast was October 20, 2016, and moderated by Jennifer Morse, Director of Education & Online Programs at the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS). The presenter is Meaghan Siekman, the Senior Researcher at NEHGS. Her genealogical interests include colonial New England, New York, and German genealogy, immigration to America, American Indian history and lineage, African American research, Westward migration, and settlement, and tracing maternal lines. Her 45-minute presentation will highlight three aspects to house research: (1) finding deeds, supporting resources and stories; (2) organizing information; (3) case studies. Start with Deeds (create a deed chart) for clues, locate supportive documents (census, directories, maps), and find stories and get to the meat of it. Who’s the “grantor” and the “grantee?” Where are the useful sources? How can a newspaper help me find the characters that lived in my house? Follow the link to the video below and enjoy!

Pictured above is the Thomas Lyon House.