Peterson Business Award Dinner

Ray Dalio honored at the 2024 Peterson Business Award Dinner

On April 4, 2024, Raymond T. Dalio, Founder, CIO Mentor, and Member of the Bridgewater Board, Bridgewater Associates, LP, was honored as the fourteenth recipient of Greenwich Library’s Peterson Business Award. A global macro investor for more than 50 years, Mr. Dalio founded Bridgewater Associates out of his two-bedroom apartment in NYC and ran it for most of its 47 years, building it into the largest hedge fund in the world. Today he remains an investor and mentor at Bridgewater and serves on its board. He is also the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Principles: Life and Work, Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order, and Principles for Navigating Big Debt Crises. The Honorable Ned Lamont, Governor of Connecticut, presented this prestigious award to Mr. Dalio at the Peterson Business Award Dinner which was held at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich. The evening included a conversation with Mr. Dalio hosted by CNBC’s Leslie Picker.

Governor Ned Lamont and Ray Dalio at the 2024 Peterson Business Award Dinner

We are grateful for the following individuals and corporations who have made possible this extraordinary event in support of Greenwich Library.

Dalio Philanthropies
Chairman’s Circle
Laurel & Cliff Asness
Berkley One
The Clementine L. Peterson Foundation
Roberta & Steve Denning
Gabelli Asset Management
Regina Pitaro & Mario Gabelli
Carl R. Kuehner, III
Isabel & Peter Malkin
Sue & Steve Mandel
Mary Shaw Halsey & Rob Marks
National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
President’s Circle
The Ashforth Company
Francie & Hank Ashforth
R. Ellen & John Avellino
Judy & Peter Berg
Nancy & James Better
Susan Bevan
Anne Noel & Alec Dawson
Jennifer & Michael Freitag
Peggy Edersheim Kalb & Scott Kalb
Karen & Dennis Keegan
Louis & Virginia Clemente Foundation / Mary Ellen LeBien
Mary & Garrett Moran
Barbara Netter
Sharon & Barnet Phillps, IV
Lucy & Larry Ricciardi
Deborah & Chuck Royce
Pete & Christine Schwartzstein
Jill & James Cobbs
Leslie & Tom Foley
Marty & Jeffrey Gendell
Francine Gingras
Tracy & Mark Holton
Hilary Martin Lea
Serena & John Liew
Karen Free Royce
Diana & Scott Seaton
Valerie Stauffer
Helaine & Jonathan Winer

Andrew Bronin
Angelique & William F. Dawson, Jr.
Jessica & Bob Fitzsimmons
Michael Horgan
Bey-Shan C. Liu & Eric Liu
Ann & Ian Murray
Tom Neff
Amy & Brian Pennington
Leslie & Michael Petrick
Kirsten & Andrew Pitts

Alexandra & Lawrence F. Codraro, Jr.
Anne Farrell
Icy & Scott Frantz
Janie & Dean Gestal
Robert Grayson
Thomas Heagney
Judy O. Higgins
Jamie & Charles Jobin
The Kenneth Edward and Marsha Scott Mifflin Family Fund
Renée Amory Ketcham
Sally & Philip R. Lochner, Jr.
Cricket & Jim Lockhart
Virginia & John Lyddane
Juan Meyer
The Munger Family Foundation
Fi Fi Sheridan
Jane Snowdon
Rebecca & David West
Annette & Kirk Wilson
Elisa Wilson
Marna & Charles Davis
Haley & Joseph Elmlinger
Page & John Knox
Sally Lawrence
Sarah & Joel Lusman
Asha & Geoff Marsh
Jane & Michael Perelman
Donna de Varona & John Pinto
Amy & Ray Rivers
Stephen Salyer
Laurence Simon
The Vazomica Foundation
Barbara Wells, Realtor

AEN Talent Search, LLC
AmberWell Holdings, LLC
Katie & Paul Alshooler
Maxine Armstrong
Paula & Hector Arzeno
Jennifer & Michael Baldock
Patricia Lunka & Gary Berkman
Vera & John Blankley
Janet & Robert Bodey
Laurie Josephs & Joshua Brain
Kerry Breed
Rosario Brooks
Jun & Matthew Brumberg
Thomas Brust
Dasha Burns
Anna & Alex Buzik

Executives (continued)
Laura Davis
Wynne & Arthur Delmhorst
Elizabeth & Burke Dempsey
Elizabeth & Lawrence DeVan
Marko Djuranovic
Alexandra & Michael Feldstein
Gideon Fountain
Gabriela Galarza
Susan & John Hart
Cynthia & Andrew Herr
Michelle & Mark Horgan
Monica & Leo Huang
Brooke Jaye
Gail Khosla
Armel Romeo Kouassi
Maggie & Chris Lange
Lin & Tracy Lavery
Helene & Brian Lee
Kristina Lindstedt
Elizabeth & James Lindstrom
Caity Lischick
Katherine Longsworth
Lynne & Richard Kaiser Foundation
Jan & Don Marchand
MBP Orthodontics
Crozer Martin
Deborah Kayton Michals
Leslee Asch & Will Morrison
Motivate Design and UX
Christin & Dennis O’Brien
Peter Okrasa
Katherine & Alejandro Ortiz
Alexis Abram & Lorenzo Paloscia
Parker & Associates, LLC
Suzanne & Andrew Peisch
Isabelle Schiavi & Andres Recoder
Barbara Richards
Cynthia Chang Scanlan & Brian Scanlan
Debra Fram & Eric Schwartz
Leah & Thomas Spiro
Kathleen & John Stack
Celine Stahl
Lisa Stuart
Lynn Thoman
Caroline Phillips & Matthew Todd
Christina Vanderlip
Barbara Vogt
Karen Tam & Jonathan Wang
Sophia Tawil & Frederick Wesner
Nancy Yao

About the Peterson Business Award Dinner

As the Library’s only major fundraiser, the dinner is vital to maintaining the quality and availability of offerings such as childhood literacy sessions, musical concerts, job search tools, technology training courses, and many other essential services provided free of charge to the community.

The Award was established in 1997 by the Library and the Peterson Foundation to “recognize and honor an individual whose innovative thinking, leadership, and sustained record of achievement has had a profound impact on the national and global economy, and whose words and deeds have demonstrated a commitment to intellectual freedom and open access to information.”

The Peterson Business Award is named in honor of Clementine Lockwood Peterson, whose 1992 bequest of $25 million made possible a new 32,000 square-foot wing at the Greenwich Library. Designed by renowned architect Cesar Pelli, this wing contains expanded business and music collections. Mrs. Peterson’s gift was made in memory of her son, Jonathan, and her husband, J. Whitney Peterson. The Peterson Business Award was conceived in order to celebrate Mrs. Peterson’s extraordinary generosity and to recognize outstanding business leadership.

For more information, contact Jeanne Ronan at (203) 622-7989 or send an e-mail.

Past Honorees & Presenters


  • Chuck Royce, Chairman and Portfolio Manager at Royce & Associates, LP
    Presented by the Honorable Gina M. Raimondo, U.S. Secretary of Commerce


  • Cliff Asness, Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer, AQR Capital Management
    Presented by Jonathan Beinner


  • Lawrence R. Ricciardi, Senior Advisor, Jones Day, Lazard Frères & Co., and IBM
    Presented by Richard H. Brodhead


  • Barry S. Sternlicht, Starwood Capital Group
    Presented by Alan D. Schwartz


  • Robert B. Goergen, Blyth, Inc.
    Presented by Dr. Judith Rodin


  • Robert K. Steel, NYC Deputy Mayor for Economic Development
    Presented by Walter Isaacson


  • Peter T. Grauer, Bloomberg L.P.
    Presented by William B. Harrison, Jr.


  • Indra K. Nooyi, PepsiCo
    Presented by Richard C. Levin


  • Thomas J. Neff, Spencer Stuart, U.S.
    Presented by Jeffrey R. Immelt


  • Dr. Henry A. McKinnell, Jr., Pfizer Inc.
    Presented by Ellen V. Futter


  • William B. Harrison, Jr., J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
    Presented by Lynne V. Cheney


  • Sanford I. Weill, Citigroup
    Presented by Robert E. Rubin


  • Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., I.B.M. Corporation
    Presented by The Honorable Gerald R. Ford