Meeting Facilities

The Library makes its meeting rooms available to the public under the terms of this policy to further its mission of providing educational, cultural and intellectual resources to the public. The Library meeting rooms are open to organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities. In addition, due to a shortage of meeting space in the Town of Greenwich, the Library has also decided to make its meeting rooms available to area businesses for non-commercial purposes, such as employee meetings or retreats. Neither the Library itself nor the meeting rooms are designed to accommodate commercial or pecuniary activities of any kind, including fund raising. This policy does not apply to the use of Meeting Facilities for Library activities or for activities or events sponsored by
the Library.

“Meeting Facilities” shall include the Public Meeting Room, the Jewel, the Cole Auditorium, the Cole Auditorium Foyer, the Community Rooms of the Byram Shubert and Cos Cob Libraries, and, under limited circumstances, the Flinn Gallery, as well as any other enclosed areas the Director may, from time to time, designate as Meeting Facilities.

The Meeting Facilities of the Greenwich Library and its Byram Shubert and Cos Cob branches shall be available to Greenwich residents, Greenwich Library cardholders and local organizations subject to the following conditions:

  1. The scheduled use shall not conflict with Library sponsored programs or the Library’s ability to deliver its existing services.
  2. The following legend must prominently appear on any sign, advertisement, invitation or other notice or announcement of an event to be held in Greenwich Library Meeting Facilities: “This event is neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Greenwich Library.” Failure to include such legend will result in forfeiture of the right to use the applicable Meeting Facilities.
  3. Unless approved by the Public Relations Officer or the Branch librarian, use of Library Meeting Facilities by an organization (a “Sponsoring Organization”) or an individual (a “Sponsoring Individual”) for meetings or events which are open to the members of the general public or which are advertised or promoted to encourage attendance by members of the general public shall not exceed two times per year and shall not exceed once per month. Use of Library Meeting Facilities by a Sponsoring Organization or Sponsoring Individual for meetings or events at which attendance is limited to organization members and/or their invited guests shall not exceed five times per year and shall not exceed once per month. Meetings which are open to the general public may pose a greater likelihood of imposing additional burdens on Library personnel and may be more disruptive to the quiet enjoyment of the Library by patrons.
  4. The prospective Sponsoring Organization or Sponsoring Individual shall assure the Library that the user will take adequate measures to protect public safety and health and that the occupancy will be orderly. Requests for use may be denied if the intended use appears to raise issues of legality. The Sponsoring Organization or Sponsoring Individual shall be responsible for assuring that permitted occupancy limits pursuant to applicable fire or safety codes are not exceeded. The Sponsoring Organization or Sponsoring Individual will restore the premises to a clean and neat condition following the assembly. The bearing of firearms on Library premises by any person other than a law enforcement officer is prohibited.
  5. The Library will be reimbursed for any costs to the Library resulting from the use of a Meeting Facility by the Sponsoring Organization or Sponsoring Individual. Any fees, terms and conditions or other requirements for the use of a meeting facility shall be specified in the relevant use agreement.
  6. Meeting Facilities or other enclosed areas within any properties of the Library may not be used to solicit business from or conduct business with members of the public, such as, for example, buying or selling, marketing commercial products or services to the public, gambling, or the exchange of money. However, use of the Meeting Facilities for meetings of an internal business nature, such as staff meetings, employee training sessions or other meetings of employees is permitted. In addition, artistic, dramatic and literary performances or art displays for which an admission fee is charged are permitted. Such performances are consistent with the Library’s mission as expressed in the first paragraph of this policy.
  7. Beer and wine may be served in Library meeting rooms only if the Sponsoring Organization, Sponsoring Individual or a licensed catering/serving vendor obtains liquor liability or host liquor liability insurance coverage satisfactory to the Library. Such insurance shall provide coverage in an amount of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and statutory workers’ compensation coverage for the Sponsoring Organization and/or catering/serving vendors. A certificate of insurance or other satisfactory evidence of such insurance must be provided to the Library at least one month prior to the meeting. Any Sponsoring Organization or Sponsoring Individual that elects to serve beer and wine on Library property shall be solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws, including laws prohibiting the provision of alcohol to minors. No alcoholic beverages may be provided by the Sponsoring Organization or Individual on Library property other than in compliance with this policy. In addition, under no circumstances may individuals attending an event at the Library bring alcoholic beverages to a Library meeting room, and it shall be the responsibility of the Sponsoring Organization or Individual to enforce this policy.

Approved November 5, 2013

Replaces Meeting Facilities
Adopted April 8, 2008

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