Meeting Facilities

Approved June 14, 2022

The Greenwich Library (the “Library”) makes its meeting facilities available to Greenwich residents and local organizations, subject to the terms and conditions of this Meeting Facilities Policy (this “Policy”) and a Meeting Facility Use Agreement (the “Use Agreement”). This Policy does not apply to the use of Library meeting facilities by the Library itself, or events sponsored or co-sponsored by the Library or the Friends of the Library (the “Friends”).

The Library also offers group study rooms and business meeting rooms that seat from one to ten individuals. Such rooms may be reserved up to one week in advance for up to 3 hours at a time through the Library’s online registration system. Food and drink are not permitted in these rooms.


Reservations of meeting facilities must be made no earlier than two months in advance and no later than 1 month in advance of the proposed meeting date with the exception of the Berkley Theater which must be made no earlier than four months in advance and no later than one month in advance of the proposed meeting date. Reservations become final only upon the completion and signing of the Use Agreement. Anyone interested in reserving a meeting facility should contact the reservation contact next to the meeting facility listed above. The Library may refuse a reservation request if it determines (in its sole discretion) that the proposed use of a meeting facility conflicts with the Library’s rules relating to meeting spaces as set out in the Use Agreement. From time to time the Library has had to cancel a reservation (i) if a meeting interferes or may interfere with the functioning of the Library or disturb Library patrons, (ii) if a meeting facility is needed by the Library, the Friends, the Town of Greenwich, or any organization with which the Library or the Friends co-sponsor events, or (iii) due to unexpected changes to the Library’s schedule or accessibility (e.g., closure due to a snowstorm). Such cancelations are rare, but the Library reserves the right to cancel any reservation at any time and for any reason (including those referenced above). In case of such cancelation, the Library may provide alternative meeting facilities at the Library, but it is under no obligation to do so and will not be responsible for any expenses incurred in connection with a canceled meeting.

An organization or person may use the Library’s meeting facilities (i) for events or meetings at which attendance is limited to organization members and/or their invited guests up to once per month and up to five times per year and (ii) for events or meetings which are open to the members of the general public or which are advertised or promoted to encourage attendance by members of the general public up to two times per year and no more than once per month.

The Library may decline to accept a reservation if it conflicts with the setup, breakdown, staffing availability, or other programming needs of Library-sponsored activities.

Use Requirements

The Use Agreement should be read carefully by anyone intending to reserve a meeting facility. Failure to comply with the Use Agreement may result in cancellation of privileges for meeting facility use. No exceptions will be made to this Policy and the Use Agreement. Below are a few key provisions from the Use Agreement:

  • user is solely responsible for any damage to Library facilities, and must clean up the meeting facility after use,
  • any publicity or mailings for a meeting must include a specified statement that the Library neither sponsors nor endorses the meeting or its contents,
  • there are limits on the use of electronics and audio-visual equipment in the meeting facilities,
  • Library parking is limited,
  • artwork and furniture in meeting facilities may not be moved or handled,
  • no signs or banners may be put up on the Library premises other than inside the meeting facility, and
  • there are limits on providing food and beverages in the meeting facilities, and alcoholic beverages may only be served under very limited circumstances requiring insurance.
  • sales, pecuniary, or fundraising activities are not permitted
  • gatherings of a purely social nature including but not limited to weddings, coming-of-age parties, birthday parties, and the like are not permitted
  • the sponsoring organization or individual shall be responsible for assuring that permitted occupancy limits pursuant to applicable fire or safety codes are not exceeded

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