Use of Display Facilities and Community Bulletin Boards

(Excluding the FlinnGallery which is the subject of a separate Policy)
Approved January 13, 2009

Display facilities in the Greenwich Library, such as floor cases, display panels, exterior windows and book shelving, are to be used primarily for highlighting Library collections, services and events. At the discretion of the Director or Deputy Director, non-library materials of community interest may be displayed to provide public access to educational, informational and cultural resources in the community.

Community Bulletin Boards exist at the main Library and each of its branches to permit all persons and groups to communicate to the public events of public interest. Only if a clear community interest is served, other items of a non-commercial nature may be posted on a branch Community Bulletin Board.

Exterior windows (West Putnam Avenue and Dearfield Drive) and the main entrance vestibule glass case are reserved for the exclusive use of the Library and the Friends of the Greenwich Library. Subject to the approval by the Building and Grounds Committee of the manner of display, banners may be displayed on Library grounds to publicize Library events.

Displays in the Children’s Room must be age appropriate. The Library does not necessarily endorse the beliefs or viewpoints expressed in materials or events that may be the subject of exhibits, displays, or postings on a Community Bulletin Board. The Library reserves the right to refuse any exhibit or display proposal.

Guidelines for Displays and Exhibits:

  1. Non-library groups or individuals who wish to have material displayed at the Library should present their request to the Coach of the Information Services Team. The ultimate authority for approving or disapproving a display proposal resides with the Director or Deputy Director of the Library.
  2. The Library reserves the right to refuse any display proposal which does not meet the purposes set forth above. Displays of non-library materials must be installed and removed by the individual or group providing the materials.
  3. The provider(s) of display materials must sign a release form relieving the Library of responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged items and shall be responsible for damage to Library property which occurs during the installation or removal of displays.
  4. The Library will not be responsible for the safety of materials placed on display. Although most glass display cases can be locked, they and the Library’s display panels are in public access areas which cannot be officially monitored nor secured against theft or vandalism.
  5. All exhibits (including mounting and removal) by non-Library groups or individuals will be limited to not more than five (5) weeks.

Guidelines for Community Bulletin Boards:

  1. All notices or other materials intended for posting on the Community Bulletin Boards must be delivered to the Main Library Welcome Center or to the appropriate branch librarian for inspection. Notices which have been posted directly by a sponsor or posted in a location other than the Community Bulletin Boards will be removed.
  2. The Staff is unable to monitor Community Bulletin Boards on a constant basis. Therefore, no assurances can be made that notices will remain posted for a specific period.
  3. Notices of a personal or commercial nature will not be displayed. Priority will be given to announcements of programs that are offered without charge to the public, sponsored by local organizations and timely.

Replaces Display Facilities
Approved 2/11/03

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