Library Management

Library Director:

Barbara Ormerod-Glynn


Deputy Director:

Joseph A. Williams


Division Managers:

Information: Kate Soboleva
Lending Division Manager: Moira Danehy
Resources Management: Eric McCarthy
Byram Shubert Library: Miguel García-Colón
Cos Cob Library: Laura Matthews
Facilities: John Elliott

Board of Trustees


Tom Heagney


The 2020-2021 Greenwich Library Board of Trustees consists of 21 members who oversee the affairs of the Library. All members of the Board must also be members of the Friends of the Greenwich Library.

New Board Members are elected by the Friends of the Greenwich Library. The Nominating Committee of the Friends presents a recommended list of Trustees to be voted on at the Annual Meeting of the Friends each May. Trustees serve a three-year term and may serve for two consecutive terms. A Trustee may be re-elected after being off the Board for at least one year. Elections are staggered, with approximately a third of the Trustees elected each year. The officers of the Library for the ensuing year are elected by the Board of Trustees at the organization meeting of the Trustees immediately after the Annual Meeting of the Friends.

Board Members

Why I Serve

Libraries are an important focal point and center of communities. They provide an opportunity for a personal and a community growth and an exchange of knowledge and information. I believe that it is critical that Greenwich Library continues to adapt to the needs of the communities and the individuals served in order to provide the most up to date information and knowledge.

Why I Serve

One of my first jobs as a teenager was shelving books and helping out around my local public library. That experience not only reinforced a lifelong love of reading and learning, but also instilled a strong and lasting respect for the role that libraries play as a community’s connective tissue. Greenwich Library provides physical and virtual access to a vast trove of educational and cultural materials, programs and services. I believe its mission is as vital and relevant as ever, particularly as technological innovation continues to impact the quantity — and quality — of content available at our fingertips.

Why I Serve

I feel privileged to serve the wonderful Greenwich Library and its constituents. For centuries, libraries have been vital elements of community growth and well-being. Present times are changing and challenging, and libraries must change to meet those challenges. The Greenwich Library, with its distinctive “public-private” character, is well-positioned to continue at the center of our community’s evolution. I look forward to contributing toward that goal.

Why I Serve

When we first moved to Greenwich in 2002, our two daughters were a lot younger. I fondly remember them standing in line to borrow dozens of books each week. Even as teenagers, because of the breadth of the libraries’ offerings it was indeed “cool” for them to join us at the library. Before we knew it, the library had indeed become a key part in all our lives and the notion that the town’s libraries were its “crown jewels” became a practical reality. I am looking forward to serving on the Board and can hopefully help in both sustaining and expanding this cherished town resource.

Why I Serve

Growing up in Greenwich I spent countless hours at the Greenwich Library and believe it to be a great institution that plays an important role in the community. With the growth of the internet and mobile digital content, the role of libraries is changing. Greenwich Library is advanced in its thinking about these changes and has plans to transform itself in order to retain its position as an important institution and community center. I look forward to assisting in the formation and execution of these plans.

Why I Serve

My wife and I have lived in Greenwich for more than 35 years, and during those years have been in and out of the main library building on almost a daily basis borrowing books, attending musical performances and watching movies. My wife served for many years with the Friends of the Library, and our children were brought up with and partly in the Library, learning to read and to enjoy books. The Library is obviously vitally important to my family and, more importantly, to the Town of Greenwich and its citizens. Like many public institutions in Greenwich and elsewhere, the Library can only thrive and fulfill its mission with the support of the Town of Greenwich and everyone who uses the Library. I hope to contribute in some small way to seeing it succeed.

Why I Serve

Our family has been involved with Greenwich Library for many generations and it is important that the Library remain the information hub that it has always been. Information is the key to everything today and Greenwich Library is the constant that we all can rely on.

Why I Serve

A library is the essential repository of human knowledge and culture and there is no better example than Greenwich Library. Serving on this board is one of the highest callings in our volunteer community and I am honored to join the board as it undertakes a major project of renewal and expansion.

Why I Serve

Having raised two daughters in Greenwich, the Greenwich Library was an integral and vibrant part of our routine. The Cos Cob branch, steps away from our school, was visited almost daily in addition to participating in various activities at the main library. I have found that over the years of my involvement with the Library, both as an user and as a volunteer, to have been very rewarding and a great sense of pride. I look forward to again being involved with the “Jewel of Greenwich”.

Why I Serve

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved libraries. I am amazed at what our Greenwich library has to offer and the potential of making it even better. I am honored and excited to serve and support our great library!

Why I Serve

Since elementary school, I have been a big fan of Greenwich Library beginning in their Children’s Room. Now in addition to checking out books and music, my family and I frequent the Flinn Gallery exhibits, Friday Films, and book talks. Greenwich Library has evolved to remain a relevant resource and is truly Greenwich’s community center. I am honored to serve on its board.

Why I Serve

My and my husband’s families have had a presence in Greenwich since the 1950’s, and the Greenwich Library has always been important aspect of their community life. Libraries have evolved significantly over that time, but technological advances will fuel even more rapid change going forward, as my children grow up in the community. It is an honor to be able to work with the Greenwich Library, and all of its stakeholders, at a critical time in its evolution, as it transforms from a place that lends books to a community center that fosters life-long learning, culture, and enrichment.

Why I Serve

As a 22-year resident of Greenwich and an avid reader, the Library has long been a part of my life and my family’s life. I am deeply impressed by the scope and quality of the programs and the vital role the Library continues to play in our community. I look forward to serving on the board during this exciting new phase in its history.

Why I Serve

I am honored to be asked to join this wonderful organization. The Greenwich Library is a valuable town resource. In addition to providing access to literary works and modern technology, the Greenwich Library has become an integral part in presenting and supporting various community programs. My work with the Outreach Program as given me the opportunity to see firsthand the impact this amazing place has on even our youngest citizens. I am grateful to have this opportunity to continue to support this institution.

Why I Serve

Since moving to Greenwich in 2009 our family has made frequent use of the Library. When we started we viewed it in a “traditional” sense, mainly visiting to borrow and return books. We soon realized that the Library is as much a community center as it is an information resource. Seeing the seats filled with people studying, running businesses, attending lap-sit circles with their children, using the technology resources, etc. made us realize how much the community relies on the Library. I am proud to serve as a new Board member in 2016 to help support this important resource of our town.

Why I Serve

When we moved to Greenwich almost twenty years ago, the Library was our favorite place to go. We met dear friends in the children’s room, participated in countless story-times and mommy and me programs, and spent hours exploring and reading books. I am grateful for the resources as well as the sense of community the Library offers, and I am excited to join the conversation about where the Library goes from here, in the hope that together we can insure that the Library means as much to this community going forward as it has in the past.

Why I Serve

The New York Public Library played a significant role in my childhood. My sisters and I spent every Friday afternoon in the library, selecting a stack of books to sustain us through the coming week. We developed a special relationship with the librarians in the children’s section, and their efforts resulted in a lifelong love of reading and learning for all of us. It has been wonderful to share the same experience with my children at the Greenwich Library – in fact, I think the Library was the first place in Greenwich that I truly felt at home when we moved here in 2013. I feel privileged to be able to support the Library as it fosters my children’s and our community’s intellectual and cultural engagement.

Why I Serve

I grew up on Brookside Drive and the Greenwich Library was the place I would frequently go to after school to read magazines, do homework, explore the stacks, and socialize. Over the years I have come to appreciate the quality and range of services the Library offers our community that goes beyond books and magazines—on-line information resources, programs and special events that are only offered by the Library. I want to contribute to maintaining the Library as a vital presence and resource in our community and explore how the Library can play an even broader role in our town in the years ahead.

Why I Serve

The library has been a part of my family’s life for over 25 years – a place where we have learned, been entertained, gathered with friends and family during town blackouts and quietly enjoyed a good book. Each visit was made memorable by the friendly staff and the exceptional programs. I look forward to serving on the Board as this irreplaceable institution implements its new vision and expands its services in the Greenwich community.

Why I Serve

Libraries have always been central to my life. I hope to perpetuate and expand the extraordinary work of Greenwich Library and to partner with the board to extend its influence far beyond its physical location. I am honored to serve as a trustee.

Why I Serve

I have been connected with Greenwich Library since 1985 in several capacities starting with the Flinn Gallery, the Friends Board, Buildings and Grounds and the Policy Committees. I have always felt that my work with the library was stimulating, important, and satisfying.

To rejoin the Board of Trustees in 2014 is an honor. This library is an incredibly important institution in this community. I will hopefully strive to serve the best interests of the staff, administration, and the institution to the best of my ability. I love this library and will always value the time I spend on the board.

Ex-Officio Members

Barbara Ormerod-Glynn, Director

Fred Camillo, First Selectman, Town of Greenwich

Hilary Martin Lea, Chairman of the Friends of the Greenwich Library

Trustee Committees

Ensures aesthetic oversight of the grounds and facilities at the main building and the two branch buildings. Ensures that there is a plan for the systematic maintenance of the grounds and facilities.

Implements the private funding objectives of the Library’s three-year strategic plan. Guides Board in solicitation of funds; develops and implements plans for donor relations; is responsible for special fund-raising events; coordinates donor-related public relations efforts with the Public Information Office. Recommends for Board approval policies and procedures for the staffing of the Trustees’ Office and oversees the operations and budget of the Trustees’ Office.

The Executive Committee is composed of the officers of the Library plus such additional members of the Board of Trustees as said Board may designate. The Executive Committee exercises executive authority when the Board is not in session and reports any actions taken to the Board at its next following meeting.

Reviews the Library’s budget, which includes both Codes 701 (Town funds) and 702 (Peterson funds) and presents recommendations to the Board of Trustees for approval. Reviews the non-Code 702 lines of the Peterson Library Budget, and presents recommendations to the Board for approval. Reviews the Trustees’ Office Reserve Fund and presents recommendations to the Board for approval. Monitors expenditures against the approved budgets and reports on the Library’s financial status to the Board. Reviews the Library’s long-range planning documents to assess budget and private financing implications. Sets policy for and reviews the investment of private Library funds. Establishes and monitors internal control procedures. Oversees the annual audit. Reviews the insurance requirements of the Library and its directors and makes recommendations to the Board for approval.

Ensures that the Library has a long-range planning process. Establishes strategic goals and objectives; evaluates the progress of the Library in meeting the goals and objectives. Oversees prioritization process for system-wide initiatives.

Periodically reviews the various Library policies to assure their continued relevance and completeness. Initiates new policies as required.

The Clementine Lockwood Peterson Foundation

The Foundation was established under the will of Clementine L. Peterson in memory of her son, Jonathan, and her husband, J. Whitney Peterson. Peterson Foundation trustees exclusively govern the investment plan and distribution of funds. The annual distribution is used for operating and staffing costs of the Peterson wing as well as for enhancing business and music collections and services.