Soliciting on Library Premises

Solicitation is not allowed inside the Main Library building or the Byram Shubert or Cos Cob branch buildings. Solicitation includes, but is not limited to:

  • solicitation of signatures on petitions;
  • conducting surveys of any kind;
  • distribution of leaflets, flyers, literature or other written material or samples or other items;
  • requests for donations (including placing receptacles for donations or other collections on Library property); and
  • sales of or offers to sell or other promotional activities related to the sale of goods or services.

The foregoing prohibition on solicitation does not prohibit the posting of materials on the Library’s Community Bulletin Boards in accordance with the Library policy entitled “Use of Display Facilities.”

Groups or individuals who wish to petition, solicit, canvas, or distribute leaflets, flyers literature or other written materials to the public in Library parking lots, on sidewalks, or on other grounds surrounding the library buildings may do so if they conduct themselves in an orderly and lawful manner and, subject to the following additional limitations:

  • no such activity shall be conducted within 50 feet of the entrance to any Library building (including on the main entry stair of the Main Library building);
  • persons engaged in such activity shall not block, hinder, interfere or otherwise impede Library patrons or staff wishing to enter or exit Library buildings or parking areas or to use book returns nor seek to intimidate any person into signing a petition, taking literature or any other activity;
  • persons engaged in such activities may not place or erect tables, chairs, umbrellas, tents, other structures or signs on Library property;
  • no leaflets, flyers, literature or other materials may be left on vehicles in Library parking areas;
  • no such activity is permitted for the purpose of sales or promotion of goods or services or other commercial purposes; and
  • no such activity is permitted for the purpose of raising funds or promoting non-profit organizations other than the Greenwich Library and the Friends of Greenwich Library.

All persons seeking to sell or offer to sell goods or services to the Library must comply with the requirements of the Municipal Code of the Town of Greenwich.

Approved November 5, 2013

Replaces Soliciting on Library Premises
Adopted March 11, 2003
Replaces Soliciting on Library Premises
Adopted April 20, 1999

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