Gift Acceptance Policy

Approved February 16, 2016
Although a portion of the functions of the Greenwich Library are funded by the Town of Greenwich, the Library relies to a great extent on private donations to fulfill its mission. As such, the Library welcomes gifts and bequests from individuals, estates, foundations, businesses and other organizations.

The Library particularly encourages, and generally will accept, contributions of cash and marketable securities. Gifts of assets other than cash or marketable securities, such as real estate, private securities and tangible personal property, will be considered for acceptance on a case-by-case basis because of the special issues that can arise in connection with such assets, such as illiquidity, costs of maintenance and any legal liabilities that may be imposed on the Library.

Unless expressly acknowledged in writing by the Library: (1) the Library reserves the right to liquidate, relocate, remove or otherwise dispose of any gift at any time and in any manner without notice to or permission from the donor; and (2) all gifts will be considered unrestricted and unconditional. The Library will consider accepting a restricted gift on a case-by-case basis, taking into account all relevant factors, including the nature and duration of the proposed restriction. The Library reserves the right to reject any proposed gift.

Replaced Gift Naming Policy
Approved October 20, 1998
Replaced In-Kind Gift Policy and Gift Naming Policy
Approved April 9, 2002
Replaced Donations, Bequests and Gifts Policy
Approved December 7, 2005
Replaced Donations, Bequests and Gifts Policy
Approved September 21, 2010

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