Food and Beverage

Approved May 14, 2002


Unless approved in advance by the Public Information Office of the Library or the appropriate branch librarian, food, beverages, and other refreshments may not be consumed in areas of public use within the Main Library or its branches, other than enclosed spaces designated as Meeting Facilities in the Meeting Facilities Policy. Food, beverages and other refreshments may be consumed in any Meeting Facility, (1) at any meeting sponsored by a Library organization, or by any agency of the Town of Greenwich, or Town-sponsored organizations, with the advance approval of the Public Information Officer, or (2) at any meeting in a Meeting Facility sponsored by any outside organization or individual, with the advance approval of the Public Information Officer or the Director or the Deputy Director or the appropriate branch librarian. Where possible, any food, beverages and refreshments shall be provided by the “Cafe.”

Food Concession – the “Café”

The Greenwich Library may provide, through a concessionaire, a food and beverage area with light breakfast fare and sandwiches and soft drinks for the convenience of the Staff and Library patrons. The menu and methods of operation (including hours) shall be decided on by joint discussion between the concessionaire and the Library administration.

The concession shall be under the supervision of the Greenwich Library’s administration, but no part of its cost shall come from the Library’s operating budget. Capital expenses shall be financed from private Library funds and the concessionaire unless otherwise agreed.

The operation of the facility, the quality of food and services, and the concession fee to be paid to the Library shall be subject to the terms of a written contract to be entered into by the Library and the concessionaire. The contract shall permit the Library to close the Café to the public when its use is required for a special event, subject to due notice to the concessionaire and appropriate compensation for lost business. There shall be an annual review of the contract and of the concession operations by the Director of the Library or his or her appointee.

Greenwich Health Department rules of sanitation and licensing must be met by the concessionaire at all times. The concessionaire shall also be responsible for meeting the fire codes set forth by the Fire Marshal’s office of the Greenwich Fire Department.

Replaces Food and Beverage
Approved April 20, 1999

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