Collection Development

Approved April 14, 2009

The mission of the Greenwich Library System is to provide free and convenient access to information and to promote the love of reading and research, the joy of lifelong learning and engagement with the arts, sciences and humanities.

The constant vision of the Greenwich Library is to provide the community with superior Library services, to serve as the cultural and intellectual crossroads of Greenwich and to be a leader among public libraries.

The Greenwich Library collections are developed and managed to serve residents of Greenwich as well as those who work, own property or attend school in the community. Library staff implements the Library mission, building and maintaining a broad collection of materials, by anticipating and responding to patron needs and expectations. Staff recognizes the necessity of balancing budget, staffing, and building concerns when making decisions either to acquire or to provide access to materials and information. Materials budget allocations are set annually based on a number of factors including Greenwich Library strategic objectives, community demand, available funds and cost of materials.

Collection development and management decisions are based solely on the merit of an item as it relates to the Library’s mission and its ability to meet the expressed or anticipated needs and interests of the community. Decisions are not made on the basis of any anticipated approval or disapproval of the material. The inclusion of an item in the Library collection in no way represents an endorsement of its contents. Library materials are not marked or identified to show approval or disapproval of the contents, nor are materials sequestered.

This policy is intended to guide staff and to inform the public of the principles on which collection decisions are based. This policy describes the role of collection development and collection management in carrying out the Library’s mission, vision and strategic objectives. It defines the scope of the collection and provides a plan for the continuing development of resources. It outlines the relationship of collection development and collection management to both the Library’s goals and the principles of intellectual freedom.

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