Flinn Gallery

Flinn Gallery enriches the Greenwich Library community and the public at large by presenting a diverse range of contemporary art exhibitions and related programs. The Flinn Gallery is supported by the Friends of the Greenwich Library. For more information, view the gallery website at flinngallery.com.

In WordPlay: Messages in Branches & Bark, internationally renowned artists Gyöngy Laky and John McQueen use materials found in nature in combination with man-made elements to create baskets and other recognizable forms, such as words, symbols, books, and animal and human figures. Both artists communicate their concerns with the state of the world – environmentally, politically, and socially – through their choice of materials and hidden messages.

Co-Curators: Debra Fram and Nancy Heller in collaboration with browngrotta arts in Wilton, CT.

Open: March 30 – May 10, 2023.

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