Flinn Gallery

The Flinn Gallery is a non-profit, volunteer-run, education oriented exhibition space that presents art in all mediums from a wide range of periods, visions and techniques. The artwork is for sale and commissions from works sold help support the programs of the Friends of Greenwich Library. For more information view the gallery website at flinngallery.com.

Upcoming Exhibition: Spaces of Uncertainty

Immersing themselves, and by extension the viewer, in landscapes of derelict graffiti-covered buildings, vacant lots and shuttered storefronts, artists Valeri Larko and Linda Kuehne expose the unexpected pathos and poetic beauty of these marginal areas. In our highly programmed built environments, these uncertain spaces are mostly overlooked or ignored as they await redevelopment. To the passer-by they might appear empty, abandoned, even dangerous; but by forcing us to look more closely, the artists expose fleeting histories and hidden narratives, revealing spaces that are in fact brimming with life and potential.

Curated by Isabelle Schiavi

March 21 – April 30, 2019

Flinn Gallery Website

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