Flinn Gallery

The Flinn Gallery is a non-profit, volunteer-run, education oriented exhibition space that presents art in all mediums from a wide range of periods, visions and techniques. The artwork is for sale and commissions from works sold help support the programs of the Friends of Greenwich Library. For more information view the gallery website at flinngallery.com.

Art Exhibition: Memory of Place

Memory of Place is a show based on the concept of time, place and memory. A place has different meanings for different people. Our existence and our identity are shaped by the geography of where we were born and where we live. The associations we create with a certain place give a specific meaning to it in our imagination. Our remembrances and our experiences create layers of meaning that are only significant to us as an individual. This show explores the meaning of a place, its effect on our memories and our imagination and the unsettling effect of displacement.

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Friends Lending Art

Lending art is a collection of over 200 circulating art prints available to patrons who wish to decorate their home or office.

Choose among quality museum reproductions, photographs, and original prints in a variety of styles.

The collection is cataloged and indexed in binders for easy browsing. Prints are framed and ready to hang. Canvas bags are included with each print.