Zero Days

Zero Days

The DVD Zero Days (2016) tells the true story of the creation of Stuxnet – a self replicating malware. It was created by the United States and Israel to interfere with the Iraqi efforts to create a nuclear bomb. The malware caused havoc in centrifuges by speeding them up. Everything was working well, until the Israelis (unilaterally and without the knowledge of the US) makes its own changes to the software. This creates some “noise” which tips off the Iraqis. Once the Iraqis figure out who did it, they hack into the US bank system, causing havoc and opening up a new chapter in cyber war. This is an example of what can go wrong as the tables are turned and malware is used against its creator.

This movie also raises ethical questions about protocol and “rules of engagement”. Should nation states use cyber warfare going forward? Should stronger nations defer using it against smaller, less technically advanced nations? Has the US and Israel opened up a Pandora’s box?

We, as a nation, should think carefully before we incorporate this into our arsenal of weapons.

This DVD is disturbing. It contains great footage, and relates the story very well. Everyone should view this movie to understand the complex situation in the World today.


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