White Fur Flying

Zoe’s father is a vet, and her mom has a passion for rescuing dogs in need, especially Great Pyrenees. The family provides a loving home for them until new owners can be found. With the dogs, a talking parrot and a family which enjoys animals, Zoe’s house in the country is a lively, happy home.
Next door is a home which is silent and sad. An unhappy young boy, Philip, is staying there for a time with his aunt and uncle while his parents “work on some difficulties”. His aunt and uncle are well-meaning but awkward with children, and Philip has stopped speaking. Zoe, her sister, Alice, and Philip become friends. Gradually Philip comes out of his shell. A special rapport is established between the boy and Jack, the youngest and newest dog to be rescued by Zoe’s family. Perhaps each senses the other’s need for love and acceptance in the temporary homes in which they have been placed.

Zoe knows that saving dogs and saving boys are different jobs, but she learns that some parts are the same. Both take attention and care, understanding and time. And maybe just a bit of white fur flying.

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