The Heist

Fans of Daniel Silva keep growing in numbers and with The Heist, published in 2014 and number 14 in Silva’s Gabriel Allon series, it is very easy to see why. As long-time readers of this series know, Gabriel Allon is a highly esteemed restorer of art works painted by the brilliant masters of European art. Yet, he also has another job as an agent of the Israeli government who becomes involved in international matters which can threaten the Israeli state and other issues. In The Heist, Allon’s pal Julian Isherwood drags him into a nasty situation when Isherwood discovers a rogue art dealer who has been flayed and hung in the hall of an Italian estate. To prove Isherwood is innocent of any involvement with this brutal crime, Allon insulates himself into the mysterious world of art thieves who deal with extremely valuable paintings that have been stolen and sold on an international black market. Once again, Silva proves himself to be the master of international intrigue as the reader follows Allon untangling a vicious and dangerous web involving Middle Eastern politics and the murky, dangerous world of stolen art. As always in this series, the personal life of Allon comes into the plot and he is a terrifically wonderful character, who becomes a trusted friend to the reader as he races across Europe to find a solution to the crimes he uncovers. As a suggestion, the reader who has never read any of Silva’s books involving Allon might enjoy this character and Silva’s series featuring him the best by reading the series from the first book. The Heist is highly recommended as a great reading experience.

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