The Walk

click here to find it in our catalogThe Walk is by far the best movie I’ve seen all year! It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Philippe Petit, a Parisian street performer, who falls in love with the high wire. Ben Kingsley plays Papa Rudy, the patriarch of a family that performs a high wire act in a circus. Philippe befriends Papa, who teaches him all the tricks of the trade. When Philippe’s girlfriend shows him pictures of the World Trade Center, he decides he must cross from one tower to the other on a high wire. But he can’t do it alone. He needs help from several “accomplices” to help him get to the top of the Trade Center, and install the wire – without getting caught!

Philippe convinces three friends to travel to New York with him to set his plan in motion. He realizes that he needs two other local people, who know the terrain and are willing to assist him. As the chosen date approaches, he and several others begin to have doubts. Philippe suffers a minor accident, which could derail his plans; but he is determined to achieve his goal. He encounters several other problems, including police who want him to abandon his dangerous stunt.

This movie is superb! The special effects and scenery are breathtaking. Based on a true story, it is both comedic and dramatic at times. It’s fast paced, and keeps you engaged. The actors do a commendable job of portraying their characters.
Although this actually took place in 1973, as the camera focused on the two towers at the end, I felt this was a sign of respect to the structures that would later become the symbol of courage and bravery on September 11th.


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