The Ticket

James – a man who has been blind since youth – suddenly regains his eyesight. Now that he can see, he wants to advance in his job to provide a good life for his wife and son.  He decides that he wants to excel  at his job as a telemarketer for a financial company.  His job is to convince people with crushing debt to sell their home for a fraction of its worth.   James convinces his bosses to “con” people into thinking the company is trying to help them with their finances, and eventually convinces them to sell their homes at a loss.

But something goes wrong.  He becomes very aggressive and takes chances.  His wife tells him to leave after he engages in an extramarital affair.  A blind co-worker figures out the scam and unfriends him.  He experiences remorse when he meets a single mom with a young child.   Then, suddenly and mysteriously, he begins to lose his eyesight again.  The doctor can’t come up with a medical reason, so there’s no way to treat it.   In a moment of desperation, he returns to his wife; but she tells him she can’t take him back.  James is now totally alone.

“The Ticket” (2016) is an interesting study of human nature.  It shows how someone who suddenly has the ability to succeed,  can become greedy and selfish.   He can become seduced by power and his own importance.   He can also lose sight of what’s really important in his life.

At times, the movie is slow paced.  The storyline is interesting, but predictable.  Although the acting is good, the actors aren’t well-known.    Yet, the movie is entertaining and worth your time.  Just don’t expect too much.

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