The Black Widow

The Black Widowby Daniel Silva

The Black Widow is the latest novel from Daniel Silva and continues his series with Gabriel Allon as the main character. For those fans of Silva’s books, this is another terrifically wonderful book by Silva. Silva’s books are always very mindful of current political developments in the Middle East. The Black Widow is concerned with the inner operation of ISIS and how it recruits, trains and uses its operatives across the world. Trusty Allon, who is both a world-class restorer of fine art and an agent for the Israeli government, conscripts an Israeli doctor to aid the Israelis to seek revenge for an Isis-backed bombing of a Jewish institution in Paris. She is trained by the Israelis to accept a totally new Palestinian identity and allows herself to be recruited by an Isis cell. Through this deception with Isis, this Israeli agent can kill the leader of the Paris attack. Silva’s writing remains first-rate throughout his story. The plot line, character development, knowledge of the complex issues of the Middle East and creation of a great story show his first-rate skills as an author. For those readers who have not enjoyed his previous books featuring Gabriel Allon, The Black Widow can easily be read as a great introduction to Allon’s adventures. And, hopefully, this will be the impetus to read all of Silva’s books.


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