Staff Pick: A Most Wanted Man

A Most Wanted Man

In his last movie, Philip Seymour Hoffman plays an Irish spy who is trying to prevent terrorism in Germany. He spots a suspected terrorist and discovers the man is attempting to claim money his father left him in a bank security box. The man insists the money is dirty, and he wants no part of it. He wants it distributed according to Muslim law. His father was Russian and his mother was Chechnyn, so he is a man without a country and is seeking asylum.

To complicate matters, the Irish spy, German Police and CIA are working together on an anti-terrorist task force and share information about the situation. Everyone is afraid that the money will find its way to al Qaeda to be used to finance terror. The Irish spy has to convince everyone to give him more time to figure out who is funneling money to the terrorists.

The Hoopla movie A Most Wanted Man (2014) is based on the book by John LeCarre. It’s exciting and thrilling. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, and the ending will amaze you. This is a great tribute to Hoffman, who died tragically.

– Carl (Local Historian Librarian)