Staff Pick: ‘Pearl Harbor: From Infamy to Greatness’

Pearl Harbor: From Infamy to Greatness

Craig Nelson has written a visceral account of the Japanese’s relentless bombing of Pearl Harbor. The Japanese’s determination to overcome the air and sea challenges and their execution of the attack are detailed with great precision. Following five years of research, Nelson provides the reader with riveting eyewitness accounts of shock, horror, and sorrow of a tragic day that remains with the victims and their families and friends forever.

Nelson draws the reader into the lives of the victims of the attack. Describing what civilians and enlisted personnel are sharing with family and friends just prior to the attack-be it enjoying breakfast making plans for the day, or preparing to attend church, creates a significant connection with the reader, until the sound of aircraft. The unforgiving element of surprise, relentless bombing, lack of communication – the absolute chaos is so engrossing it is palpable. I highly recommend this book for its detailed historical accounts and to experience its captivating prose.

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– Elanie Barrie (Information Services Librarian)