Staff Pick: ‘Left Behind’

Left Behind

Left Behind (2014) is based on the Bible prophecy of ‘The Rapture.’ It’s believed to be the period of time when God removes the faithful prior to the Great Tribulation. People left behind are the unfaithful and will face torture and trying times.

Nicholas Cage plays an aircraft pilot (Ray Steele), who is separated from his wife. It’s implied that he doesn’t like her total obsession with the Bible. His daughter (Chloe) does not believe in what the Bible says, and this causes a strain on the relationship with her mother. She’s also upset with her father for being separated. When Chloe takes her brother to the mall one afternoon, he mysteriously disappears and she panics. Millions of people all over the world disappear. No one can understand what’s happening.

In the meantime, Ray is flying to London, when his co-pilot suddenly disappears. Other people on the flight are also missing and this causes panic on the plane. Another plane smashes into Ray’s plane, and his flight controls are damaged. Steele must land the plane carrying hundreds of people, without assistance from the airport.

I don’t normally recommend faith-based films. This film is unusual, though. I was captivated by the suspense, and the acting and special effects are excellent. It’s a little slow in the beginning, but the pace picks up as it goes along. The plot is surprisingly believable. Don’t let the negative reviews sway you.

– Carl White (Local History Librarian)