Staff Pick: ‘Case 39’

Case 39

When a social worker (Emily) attempts to rescue a 10-year-old girl (Lilith) from what she thinks are abusive parents, she discovers the parents may be the ones in danger. Once the parents are tried and sent to jail, the girl convinces Emily to take her in. Strange things start to happen. People the girl comes into contact with begin doing strange things. Several people die. Emily goes to visit the girl’s “father”, and hears an unbelievable story. This turns Emily’s world upside down. The ending will keep you on the edge of your seat.
The cast includes Renne Zellwigger, Bradley Cooper and Ian McShane.
I thought this movie was an exceptional horror film. The acting was superb. The plot was solid, and the action flowed. There are several surprises along the way. I recommend this movie highly.
It’s available in the Greenwich Library DVD collection and through Hoopla.

– Carl (Local Historian Librarian)