Staff Pick: Black Sea

Staff Pick: Black Sea

Staff Pick: Black SeaCaptain Robinson (Jude Law) is laid off after working 22-years for a salvage company. A Russian acquaintance proposes that Robinson assemble a crew to recover some gold. A German submarine – loaded with gold from World War II – lies on the bottom of the Black Sea. Robinson’s old company can’t recover this treasure due to the on-going Russian-Georgian War. He decides to recover the gold for his ex-employer to get his job back. He purchases an old sub and assembles a submarine crew with some veteran mariners and a group of Russians.

Despite the prospect of making $20-million apiece, this is not enough for some of the crew, and a conflict occurs which threatens the project. Cooler heads prevail, and the journey continues. Luck is not with them. A series of missteps and accidents threatens their lives. The surprise ending rounds out a solid performance.

Black Sea (2014) is an exciting and entertaining DVD. It’s full of suspense and drama. You can pick it up on the second floor.

It’s rated “R” for language.

– Carl White (Local History Librarian)