Staff Pick: ‘American Made’

American Made

Staff Pick: American Made

Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) is a TWA pilot, who seems to be getting bored with his job. He’s approached by a CIA operative, who offers him a job smuggling drugs for the Sandanistas in South America. After a while, he gets involved with running guns for the rebels. He starts making more money than he ever dreamed he could make. Seal expands his operations and gets involved with laundering money.

Not all runs smoothly. His brother-in-law gets greedy and draws the attention of the local sheriff. The CIA gets him involved with trying to take down Pablo Escobar, and suddenly shuts down operations during the Iran-Contra scandal, abandoning Seal.

The movie is based loosely on true events. Its action- packed with great aerial shots. The acting is great, and the storyline is riveting.
I recommend the movie American Made (2017) very highly.

– Carl White (Local History Librarian)