‘Sadie’ by Courtney Summers

Courtney Summers’ Sadie is a terrific roller coaster ride from start to finish!  The title character is a 19-year-old trailer park woman with a bad stutter who tries to track down her younger sister Mattie’s killer. Mattie was more or less raised by Sadie when their addict mother blew them off. Sadie’s trail is followed by a pair of podcast reporters who try to track her down.  Meanwhile, Sadie may be getting closer to the real killer than she knows…

What makes Sadie work as a thriller are the dual narratives (Sadie & the reporters) and the sense of approaching danger that surrounds Sadie as she seeks the truth. Sadie tends to run into a lot of unsavory nasty types along the way, but even the hint of physical threats can’t keep her from giving up. And the supporting characters are a colorful bunch, almost all of them hiding their real feelings & intentions. Only Sadie’s neighbor May Beth is really trustworthy.

Sadie is a solid and compelling novel that’ll hold your attention straight to the end. Recommended!

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