“One Of Us Is Lying” By Karen M. McManus

Like reading mysteries that keep you hooked from page to page?  Then Karen M. McManus’ One Of Us Is Lying is just for you!

Five high school students -overachiever Bronwyn, baseball jock Cooper, “Homecoming Princess” Addy, and drug dealing Nate, along with Simon, who runs a gossip app called “About That” that spreads unflattering rumors about other students- all wind up in detention after school one afternoon.  Suddenly Simon suffers a fatal allergic reaction and dies before help is reached.  Subsequently it’s discovered that somebody hid needed medical equipment that could’ve saved Simon.  And that Simon’s next ‘big scoop” involved the other four detainees caught in compromising positions.  Which means all four of them had a motive!

As the plot unfolds, we discover all kinds of background detail about the four protagonists and their surroundings.  Author McManus allows the characters to take turns narrating, while dropping hints that the students may have other things to hide as well (like for example:  who IS Cooper texting?).  McManus keeps the suspense high, while also creating & depicting credible characters, not only the students, but their families, the investigating detectives, etc.

One Of Us Is Lying is a solid compelling read!  Check it out!

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