New Two Part Programming Language Course On July 27 & 29: Intro To Statistics Using R

Check out the course description:

R is a free, open-source statistical computing language that is the industry standard software of data science. R’s functionality overlaps with Microsoft Excel but offers more flexibility and works better with large data sets. These skills may be particularly useful for middle and high school science research students who need to analyze datasets for their projects.

July 27th: In this first session of a two-part series on R, patrons will learn how to read data into RStudio (an integrated development environment), perform basic operations, subset data, create matrices, and generate plots.

July 29th: In this second session of a two-part series on R, patrons will review topics from the first session and learn how to conduct linear regressions, perform basic statistical tests, download third-party libraries, and search for help through R’s documentation and StackOverflow. This series will be taught by Luke Hellum, a rising sophomore at Yale College planning to major in Applied Mathematics or Statistics.

Registration is required for both classes. You can register online here for the first class, and here for the second. For further info, contact Michele Martin at (203) 625-6533.

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