“Long Way Down” By Jason Reynolds

Jason Reynolds’ latest novel Long Way Down is a powerful and haunting story that’ll resonate with readers long after they finish the book.  Set mostly in an elevator, the reader follows young 15 year old Will, whose older brother Shawn was murdered by a local gang.  As The Rules in his neighborhood  dictate, Will mustn’t cry or snitch on the killers but must get revenge by killing his brother’s murderer.

Tucking his brother’s handgun in his waistband, Will gets in the elevator ready to confront the killer.  But as Will slowly descends three floors to the street, some familiar & not so familiar figures from his past enter the elevator and confront him about his decision.  Can Will take a step back from possible tragedy in time?

Written in free form poetic verse, Long Way Down has a quick (if slightly eerie) pace, with an ambiguous but powerful  final scene, and will hold the reader’s interest from start to finish.  Check it out!

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