A 2015 book, Dreamland covers the very timely and vexing issue of drug use and the illegal drug trade in recent American history. Sam Quinones is a journalist who has written this very insightful, meticulously-researched and very readable history of the rise of the pain-pill industry in 20th Century America as well as the growth of the heroin problem currently present in many American cities, both large and small. These two issues are connected and Quinones clearly shows how and why. With heroin, Quinones traces the origin of its recent American distribution to families from the Mexican state of Nayarit. Meticulous in their organization, these groups of heroin sellers have established control of its sale throughout the United States. Through interviews with these family members and the sellers they have recruited, Quinones details both how these folks have become involved in the drug trade and why they do it with great enthusiasm. Writing with great knowledge about the terrible issues involved with drug addiction, Quinones gives the reader great insight into this huge problem as well as various steps cities, states and private institutions must take to effectively combat drug addiction. Dreamland is a great book to read about this very current problem in American society and is highly recommended.

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