Darkness Visible

Darkness Visible by William Styron.

While the topic of mental depression may not be the most interesting for many readers, William Styron’s Darkness Visible is a powerfully personal book on his own struggles with this condition. First published in as an article in Vanity Fair in 1989, Styron later released this essay in book form. Styron’s brutally honest look at his own depression can be fascinating reading about how depression can creep up on an individual and become a devastating personal issue. Whether one suffers from this illness or has a friend or family member who does, Darkness Visible is a wonderful story from which a reader can learn about this grim illness. Styron’s writing is crystal-clear as he describes how depression has affected his life. It is his truthfulness that makes the reader understand so much about depression. Darkness Visible is a powerful story about how this gifted and very successful writer has dealt with this issue.


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