Daniel Silva’s House of Spies

House of Spies is the 17th installment of Daniel Silva’s extremely popular series featuring Gabriel Allon, who in House of Cards has been promoted to the head of Israeli security forces. Devoted fans of Silva’s books will not be disappointed as Allon dashes around Britain, France and then Morocco on the mission to kill the terrorist mastermind Saladin who was introduced in the preceding book, Black Widow. An aging model, a seemingly successful French entrepreneur and other characters populate this well-developed story of international intrigue that reflects many events of today’s world. Silva excels in writing gripping tales and House of Spies is a very satisfying and exciting read. While House of Spies can stand alone as an individual book, this reviewer also suggests that reading the series in order is a wonderful experience as the character of Gabriel Allon and his world-wide adventures are so well-written that readers will have a grand time with all the titles.