Begin Again

begin againThe downloadable movie from Hoopla, Begin Again, is a “diamond in the rough.” A female songwriter, Gretta, finds herself eclipsed by her boyfriend, David. She sees him becoming more interested in money than being true to the music. After she finds out David has been unfaithful, she leaves him and pursues her own career. One night, as she’s performing in a New York City bar, a down- and- out music producer (Dan) hears her perform, and offers to promote her. (He’s separated from his wife and has a strained relationship with his daughter.) It’s a hard sell because Gretta wants to stay true to the music. When his old label won’t back her, they try something unique.

If you can hang in there and put up with the vulgar language, you’ll be very pleased. The plot is solid, the acting is superb, and the photography captures the true nature of the city. Adam Levine makes a cameo appearance. Give it a try!