‘Batman: Nightwalker’ by Marie Lu

Marie Lu’s Batman: Nightwalker is the latest title in the DC Icons series and it’s pretty good!  The book centers on 18-year-old Bruce Wayne who’s just graduated from High School and (because he got in the way of a police pursuit) is now spending some community service hours at the notorious Arkham Asylum.  Bruce wound up there in part because he tried to capture a member of the dreaded Nightwalkers, a supposedly Robin Hood-like gang who rob and brutally murder only billionaires in Gotham City.  When Bruce, who’s about to inherit his murdered parents’ fortune, meets a young girl his age, Madeline, a possible Nightwalker member held by the police for interrogation at Arkham, he decides, despite his misgivings, to befriend her.  But is Bruce being played?

Fast paced and exciting once Bruce figures out what the Nightwalkers are really up to, Batman: Nightwalker is compelling stuff.  Marie Lu handles the supporting characters, including a pre-Two Face Harvey Dent, very well.  And the vivid action sequences (car chases, fights, etc.) are well handled.  Even if you’re not a fan of The Dark Knight, you’ll enjoy Batman: Nightwalker!

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