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Why not close out 2012 with a new Science Fiction novel. Unless, of course, the Mayans are correct.

Click for availability and more information Angels Ink: an asylum tales novel, by Jocelynn Drake
Trying to fly under the radar in Low Town, a place where elves, faeries and other creatures walk among humanity, Gage, the best tattoo artist in town, who uses his unique potions to fulfill any heart's desire, cannot hide from the powerful warlocks who want him dead. Part 1 of a series. 

Click for availability and more information Bowl of Heaven, by Gregory Benford and Larry Niven
In this first collaboration by science fiction masters Larry Niven (Ringworld) and Gregory Benford (Timescape), the limits of wonder are redrawn once again as a human expedition to another star system is jeopardized by an encounter with an astonishingly immense artifact in interstellar space: a bowl-shaped structure half-englobing a star, with a habitable area equivalent to many millions of Earths...and it's on a direct path heading for the same system as the human ship. A landing party is sent to investigate the Bowl, but when the explorers are separated--one group captured by the gigantic structure's alien inhabitants, the other pursued across its strange and dangerous landscape--the mystery of the Bowl's origins and purpose propel the human voyagers toward discoveries that will transform their understanding of their place in the universe. 

Click for availability and more information The Cassandra Project, by Jack McDevitt and Mike Resnick
With interest in the space program waning, a public affairs director at NASA reveals a shocking secret about the Apollo 11 mission from fifty years ago. Co-written by two masters of the genre.

Click for availability and more information The Hydrogen Sonata: a Culture Universe novel, by Iain M. Banks
Suspected of involvement after the Regimental High Command is destroyed as they prepared to go to a new level of existence called Sublime, Lieutenant Commander Vyr Cossont must find a 9,000-year-old man to clear her name. 

Click for availability and more information The Lord of Mountains: a novel of the Change, by S.M. Stirling
Rudi Mackenize, now Artos the First, High King of Montival, and his allies have won several key battles against the Church Universal and Triumphant. But still the war rages on, taking countless lives, ravaging the land once known as the United States of America. Artos and his Queen, Mathilda, must unite the realms into a single kingdom to ensure a lasting peace. If the leaders of the Changed world are to accept Artos as their ruler, he will need to undertake a quest to the Lake at the Heart of the Mountains, and take part in a crowning ceremony--a ceremony binding him to his people, his ancestors, and his land. Then, once he has secured his place and allegiances, Artos can go forward, and lead his forces to the heart of the enemy's territory... 

Click for availability and more information Only Superhuman, by Christopher L. Bennett
A tale set in a near-future solar system of genetically engineered super-humans inspired by classic comic book heroes finds Troubleshooter Emerald Blair helping to restore order to unstable space habitats in the Asteroid Belt only to find her loyalties tested by rivaling factions and her desire to put her powers to good use.

Click for availability and more information Rapture of the Nerds, by Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross
A tale set at the end of the twenty-first century finds the planet's divided hominid population subjected to the forces of a splintery metaconsciousness that inundates networks with plans for cataclysmic technologies, prompting an unwitting jury member to participate in a grueling decision. 

Click for availability and more information 1635: the papal stakes, by Eric Flint and Charles E. Gannon
Held hostage by a papal usurper, 1635 uptimer Frank Stone and his pregnant downtime wife, Giovanna, become targets in a rescue effort by Harry Lefferts and his infamous Wrecking Crew at the same time the true pope is targeted for assassination.

Click for availability and more information Three Parts Dead, by Max Gladstone
Hired to resurrect a deceased fire god to protect his rioting city, Tara, a first-year associate in an international necromantic firm, teams up with a chain-smoking, faith-questioning priest to build a case in the city's courts and investigates suspicions that the god was actually murdered.

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