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It's a new year, why not freshen up the look of your house? These new books on interior design might give you some ideas.

Click for availability and more information Ann Getty: interior style, by Diane Dorrans Saeks; photography by Lisa Romerein
The first-ever compilation of the luxurious interiors from the influential designer and philanthropist Ann Getty. Fluent in classical styles and periods and known for sourcing her vast array of objects and opulent materials from across the globe, Getty creates interiors that are steeped in historical style yet remain fresh and vibrant for today's clientele.From the exceptional residence she and her music-composer husband, Gordon Getty, use for entertaining and displaying their world-class collection of art and antiques, to the comfortable yet elegant townhouse she designed for a stylish young family, the book showcases richly detailed interiors that are coveted by design enthusiasts and collectors. Featured are pieces from Getty's successful furniture line of original designs inspired by the renowned Getty collection as well as her own extensive travel and design studies.This intimate look, Getty's first-ever monograph, demonstrates how to combine objects from different time periods and styles in a sumptuous atmosphere rich in bold colors, vibrant textures, and classic elegance. 

Click for availability and more information Atomic Ranch Midcentury Interiors , by Michelle Gringeri-Brown; with photographs by Jim Brown
Traveling from upstate New York to Washington, D.C., to San Mateo, California, and various places in between, the authors found eight great examples of ranch interiors sure to inspire. Flip through the pages of this book and you'll find kitchens and baths that stand out from the crowd but are still at home in this modest architectural style. You'll see how the judicious addition of the most inexpensive details can make your house look like a zillion bucks. The homeowners of our featured homes share their tips on color, flooring, window coverings, furniture arrangements, and more. They turn off-the-shelf components into custom features and talk about both their successes and their challenges. But most importantly, they show how to live stylishly while still having a life. Like you, they have kids, pets, and jobs, and would trade a kitchen floor that doesn't show muddy footprints for a white carpet any day. Their stories explain why these rooms work, and provide you with resources and ideas for everything from the garage door to the art on the wall. Read a review of the book from the Los Angeles Times Home blog. 

Click for availability and more information The Collected Home, by Darryl Carter with Trish Donnally
Readers who love new traditional design that's clean and refined yet comfortable will find inspiration and liberation in how acclaimed designer and author Darryl Carter perceives the home as a collection of beloved hand-selected items. The Collected Home dazzles with gorgeous photographs of rooms and details, and enlightening text about what makes a space extraordinary. Additionally, the author provides--for the first time ever--hands-on advice for approaching home design, such as defining short- and long-term goals, from selecting an antique door knocker to planning the architectural elements of an addition. 

Click for availability and more information Interiors, by Martyn Thompson
Photographer Martyn Thompson has managed to assemble a stunning collection of the homes of the most well-known figures in the design world. Featuring such fascinating subjects as Francisco Costa, creative director of Calvin Klein; Italian jewelry designer Elsa Peretti; interior designer Thomas O'Brien; fashion designer Francisco Costa; hotelier Sean MacPherson; designer Sonja Nuttall; and fashion designer Anna Sui; this book is a sneak-peak into the interiors of the style-makers.

Click for availability and more information Mirrors: reflections of style, by Paula Phipps
Presents a history of the mirror, discussing the different forms it has taken and its various uses a decorative detail throughout history, from the artifacts of the ancient world, to the refinements of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, to the modern innovations of the twenty and twenty-first centuries. 

Click for availability and more information 100 ways to happy chic your life , by Jonathan Adler
A vibrant, hilarious mash-up of style bible, decorating tome, and self-help guide. In gorgeous, full-color spreads, 100 bold ideas for Happy Chic dwelling, decorating, and entertaining are revealed. As a bonus, five project gatefolds invite readers to create their own Happy chic handicrafts. 

Click for availability and more information Jennifer Post: pure space, elegant minimalism, by Anna Kasabian
This book showcases fresh, contemporary interiors that reflect Jennifer Post's "pure space" philosophy: a serene, meticulously organized volume that offers a peaceful break from a busy world. From lofts in New York City to Miami high-rises to Palm Beach villas, each interior is immaculately conceived, detailed, and constructed--the epitome of pure, tailored modernism. In her own words, Post demonstrates how she transforms living environments into elegantly edited spaces, using clean lines, white surfaces that reflect natural light, and open areas that allow a home to breathe. Since the age of eight, when she traveled to neighbors' houses offering to organize their closets and rearrange their rooms, Post has been dedicated to her pure aesthetic vision, resulting in a timeless body of work. 

Click for availability and more information Vintage remix : the interiors of Kishani Perera , by Kishani Perera
Interior designer Kishani Perera knows that good design is everywhere and at every price point. Mixing modern with vintage, and retail with custom, her eclectic interiors incorporate pieces from designer showrooms and Etsy alike to create spectacularly layered, vibrant homes. In Vintage Remix, Perera's striking interiors serve as a guided tour through the stages of design, from deciding when to skimp or splurge to adding the finishing touches and unexpected elements of whimsy. Her mix-and-match philosophy will help readers discover and express their own tastes. Perera takes the intimidation out of blending styles, proving that pairing seemingly opposing pieces can strike a balance that is classically chic.

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