New Mysteries

Now that there is a hint of a chill in the air it's a good time to settle in with a mystery. Here a few that we have just acquired.

Click for availability and more information The Beautiful Mystery: a Chief Inspector Gamache Mystery, by Louise Penny
When a peaceful monastery in Quebec is shattered by the murder of their renowned choir director, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and Jean-Guy Beauvoir of the Sûreté du Québec are challenged to find the killer in a cloistered community that has taken a vow of silence.

Click for availability and more information The Cocktail Waitress, by James Cain
A rerelease of a classic tale by the New Yorker journalist and author of The Postman Always Rings Twice finds beautiful widow Joan Medford reluctantly working as a waitress to regain custody of her young son and considering relationships with a seductive con artist and a wealthy but unwell older man who proposes an unconventional marriage.

Click for availability and more information Dead Anyway, by Chris Knopf
Imagine this: You have a nice life. You love your beautiful, successful wife. You're an easy going guy working out of your comfortable Connecticut home. The world is an interesting, pleasant place. Then in seconds, it's all gone. You're still alive, but the world thinks you're dead. And now you have to decide. Make it official, or go after the evil that took it all away from you. Arthur Cathcart, market researcher and occasional finder of missing persons, decides to live on and fight, by doing what he knows best - figuring things out, without revealing his status as a living, breathing human being. Much easier said than done in the post-9/11 world, where everything about yourself and all the tools you need to live a modern life are an open book. How do you become a different person, how do you finance an elaborate scheme without revealing yourself? How do you force a reckoning with the worst people on earth, as a dead man?

Click for availability and more information A Door in the River: a Hazel Micallef Mystery, by Inger Ash Wolfe
Detective Hazel Micallef investigates a bee stinging death on an Indian reservation only to discover the culprit was not an insect, but a fiendish teenage girl with a strange weapon.

Click for availability and more information The Facility, by Simon Lelic
In a near-future dystopian Britain, democracy has been undermined. Emboldened by new anti-terrorism laws, police start to "disappear" people from the streets for unspecified crimes. But when unassuming dentist Arthur Priestley is snatched and held prisoner at a top-secret facility, his estranged wife, Julia, and a brave but naive journalist named Tom Clarke embark on a harrowing quest for the truth. Following a trail that leads to the very top of government, they soon find themselves fighting for their lives.

Click for availability and more information Gone: a Hannah Smith Mystery, by Randy Wayne White
A debut entry in a new series by the author of the Doc Ford novels introduces Florida native and fishing guide Hannah Smith, who uses uncommon resourcefulness, a keen sense of justice and unorthodox methods to track down a missing girl, a case that puts Hannah on the wrong side of violent adversaries.

Click for availability and more information Miss Me When I'm Gone, by Emily Arsenault
When she is named her late best friend's literary executor, Jamie, believing that Gretchen's death was an accident, discovers that Gretchen's manuscript about a murder in her family that haunted her childhood may have caused her demise.

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