New Football Books

Just in time for the season to begin, here are some new books on football that have just arrived.

Click for availability and more information Best of Rivals: Joe Montana, Steve Young, and the inside story behind the NFL's greatest quarterback controversy, by Adam Lazarus
This revealing, in-depth look at the NFL's greatest quarterback controversy takes readers into the locker room and inside the huddle to deliver the real story behind the rivalry when Joe Montana and Steve Young battled on and off the field and forged one of the finest football dynasties of all time. From 1987 to 1994, the two future Hall of Famers spurred each other on to remarkable heights, including three Super Bowl wins and four MVP awards, and set new standards for quarterback excellence.

Click for availability and more information Illegal procedure: a sports agent comes clean on the dirty business of college football, by Josh Luchs and James Dale
A suspended NFL sports agent reveals ubiquitous practices of corruption in collegiate sports, frankly discussing his own illegal deals with various college athletes before he was ousted for a violation he did not commit, in a full-length account based on his 2010 Sports Illustrated confessional that discusses his subsequent dedication to whistle-blowing and college football reformation.

Click for availability and more information Island cup: two teams, twelve miles of ocean, and fifty years of football rivalry, by James Sullivan
To most of us "mainlanders," the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are resort destinations, summer homes for the Kennedys, the Obamas, and Patriots coach Bill Belichick. But after the tourists and jetsetters leave, the cold weather descends, and the local shop owners, carpenters, and fishermen ready themselves for the main event: high school football. For over fifty years, the local teams have been locking horns every November. They play for pride, a coveted trophy, and, very often, a shot at the league championship. Despite their tiny populations, both islands are dangerous on the football field.This far-reaching book tells the story not only of the Whaler-Vineyarder rivalry, but of two places without a country. Filled with empty houses nine months of the year, Nantucket and the Vineyard have long, unique histories that include such oddities as an attempt to secede from the United States and the invention of a proprietary sign language. Delving into the rich history of both places, Sullivan paints a picture of a bygone New England, a place that has never stopped fighting for its life--and the rights to the Island Cup.

Click for availability and more information The Last Headbangers: NFL Football in the rowdy, reckless '70's, the era that created modern sports, by Kevin Cook
The inside story of the most colorful decade in NFL history--pro football's raging, hormonal, hairy, druggy, immortal adolescence.Between the Immaculate Reception in 1972 and The Catch in 1982, pro football grew up. In 1972, Steelers star Franco Harris hitchhiked to practice. NFL teams roomed in skanky motels. They played on guts, painkillers, legal steroids, fury, and camaraderie. A decade later, Joe Montana's gleamingly efficient 49ers ushered in a new era: the corporate, scripted, multibillion-dollar NFL we watch today. Kevin Cook's rollicking chronicle of this pivotal decade draws on interviews with legendary players--Harris, Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach, Ken "Snake" Stabler--to re-create their heroics and off-field carousing.

Click for availability and more information Perfection: the untold story of the 1972 Miami Dolphins' perfect season, by Bob Griese and Dave Hyde
Written by the Hall of Fame quarterback who led the 1972 Dolphins to victory, this exciting behind-the-scenes story of the only undefeated team in NFL history vividly brings to life the Miami Dolphins' incredible championship season.

Click for availability and more information The Pro Football Hall of Fame 50th anniversary book: where greatness lives, edited by John Thorn and Joe Horrigan
Celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Canton, Ohio Hall of Fame with essays and commentary from writers, broadcasters and fans as well as a comprehensive history of the game and highlights of lives and careers of legendary players. In addition, the book features rarely seen photos and artifacts of some of the Hall's greatest treasures.

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