New CD's

We get hundreds of new compact discs each month. Here's a few that you may have missed.

Click for availability and more information Centipede HZ, by Animal Collective
On this, their 10th record, the band has strayed away from the softer side of things and things have gotten a bit harder edged and strange. But this is totally accessible at the same time and is sure to solidify the band's stature as indie darlings. You may want to get the headphones out for this.

Click for availability and more information The Singer, by Art Garfunkel
A 34-song collection of songs hand-picked by the artist himself. Spanning a life's body of work from the first Simon & Garfunkel album of 1964  through 2007's Great American Songbook album and continuing with two newly recorded performances for this release. The Singer includes every #1 U.S. and UK solo hit. In addition to curating The Singer, Garfunkel provides his own personal track-by-track annotations, which appear in the booklet in his handwritten form. 

Click for availability and more information Yellow & Green, by Baroness
The giants of the metal underground re-emerge with their first record in more than three years.The word is that they have mixed things up a bit here with a more fully developed sound but, at the same time, keeping things heavy.

Click for availability and more information Across the Imaginary Divide, by Bela Fleck and the Marcus Roberts Trio
2012 collaboration between banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck and Jazz pianist Marcus Roberts and his trio. The songs here will appeal to both fans of Fleck's distinct banjo playing and traditional jazz fans.

Click for availability and more information Spirit Fiction, by Ravi Coltrane
Ravi Coltrane has some rather large shoes to fill. Being the son of a jazz legend can be stressful but he comports himself quite well here. On his debut record for the Blue Note record label Coltrane (along with two separate backing bands) work through 11 songs that bring to mind the sound of Miles Davis in his late '60's phase. For more information check out a recent feature on Ravi in the New York Times.

Click for availability and more information Faithful Man, by Lee Fields
Southern tinged deep soul that sounds like it was recorded in 1971 but is actually brand new. Fields, who's career spans over 40 years, with a band of young hot shots, has made quite a statement with this record. For fans of Otis Redding and James Brown.

Click for availability and more information The Hidden Treasures of Taj Mahal: 1969-1973, by Taj Mahal
Composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Taj Mahal is one of the most prominent and influential figures in late 20th century blues and roots music. This collection features two CDs comprised entirely of unreleased finished material. The first disc debuts studio recordings from 1969-1973, while the second disc premieres a full-length live concert, recorded April 18, 1970 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. 

Click for availability and more information Harakiri, by Serj Tankian
The third solo record by System of a Down front man seems to have a polarizing effect on his fan base. It's a love/hate thing. Some claim it to be a brave example of an artist taking his music in a new direction while others call it a pretentious mistake. Take it home today and see for yourself.

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