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"The Flash: A Celebration Of 75 Years"

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Fans of the hit CW TV series The Flash may want to check out DC Comics' The Flash:  A Celebration Of 75 Years, now available in our YA Graphic Novel section.  New fans of the super fast character may be surprised to discover that the Flash first appeared in 1940 wearing a very different costume and was really Jay Garrick (who recently appeared on this season's TV episodes).  That version had his own series (Flash Comics & All Flash Quarterly) which ran until 1949.  Jay hung on for another two years as a member of the Justice Society of America in All-Star Comics, until that series ended in 1951. 

In 1956, the Flash concept was revived, but rebooted, with a new alter ego (Barry Allen) and costume.  This version ran (sorry!) until 1985's dopey Crisis On Infinite Earths miniseries, when Barry/Flash was killed by... Well, I'm not sure, actually.  That story is included in the collection. Judge for yourselves.

Before meeting his demise, Barry did team up with Jay Garrick for several adventures.  (It was explained that Jay's stories took place in an alternative universe on "Earth-2". Barry & Jay would visit each other & often team up against various foes.)  Along the way, Barry's young friend  & nephew of his girl friend (later wife) Iris, Wally West, became Kid Flash.  When Barry passed away, Wally took over as the new Flash. 

THEN in 2009, Barry got better.  Subsequently, Jay & Wally were eventually written out, Barry got a new, more darker, back story... And The Flash is still being published today by DC. 

The stories in this collection are mostly well chosen.  The more recent stories from 1979 on suffer from the serial format most comics now employ (you know, multi-part stories that eventually get collected in a graphic novel format).  But this is still a lot of fun to read.  Plus you get to see how the character (and the writing and artwork) evolved over the decades.  One complaint:  I wished the editors had included at least one of the several Flash/Green Lantern team ups that ran in the 60s & 70s. 

Check out The Flash: A Celebration Of 75 Years now. 

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"SYLO" By D.J. MacHale

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Yeah, I know it only came out two years ago, but SYLO still holds up!  The first installment of D. J. MacHale's trilogy (click here to reserve a copy) is exciting and tense, with a great premise.

Fourteen year old Tucker Pierce is summer vacationing on Maine's Pemberwick Island when strange stuff occurs.  Strage aircraft flying at night.  The death of a young football player.  And when the military unit known as SYLO quarantines the whole island on account of a mysterious virus, Tucker knows something's up.  But what can he and his friends do?

With a great cliff hanging ending, SYLO is a terrific mystery/action adventure thriller that'll keep you on the edge of your seats.  Check it out now and then look for the sequel, STORM

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Currently on my desk is a copy of Erin Bow's The Scorpion Rules, the first installment in the "Prisoners of Peace" series. Set 400 years after a somewhat sarcastic artificial intelligence named Talis  has taken over  the world and insured peace  by keeping hostage the young heirs of every government.  One of the hostages, Greta, the 16 year old Duchess of Halifax, is ready to give in and wait out the process until another hostage, Elian, comes along to cause trouble. 

To say more would spoil the fun. Hunger Games fans looking for a new science fiction series will appreciate the compelling, tense and sometimes humorous style of author  Bow.  Check it out. Click here to reserve a copy.

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And The 2015 Teens' Top Ten Nominees Are....

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YALSA has released this video of the 24 titles nominated for the 2015 Teens' Top Ten.  (And it's only April...) 

Anyway, check out the video here and see if any of your favorites made the cut.

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Author Of The Month: D. J. MacHale

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Check out our seemingly shrinking display of books by D. J. MacHale up on the Teen Central area all this month.  Boy. are his SYLO Chronicles books popular! 

Follow Mr.MacHale on his blog here. And his website can be found here.

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Author Of The Month: Scott Westerfeld

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Okay, I know  we've had a display up on Scott Westerfeld since the beginning of the month, but it's been kinda busy.  Anyway, we do have copies of Mr. Westerfeld's works available, including Uglies, Peeps, the Leviathan trilogy (my favorite), and his latest, Afterworlds, out on display at the "Teen Central" area on the second floor from now to December. So be sure to stop by and see if you'd like to read or re-read any of his books (some of which are also available as audio CDs or downloads). 

Click here to access Mr. Westerfeld's blog/website.  And when there's time (HA!), I'll have a review of Afterworlds up.

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2014NATIONALBOOKAWARDNOMS.pngThe National Book Foundation has announced the 2014 list of nominees for the National Book Award for Young People's Literature on their website here.  Among the authors whose recent works were nominated are Laurie Halse Anderson, Carl Hiaasen, Kate Milford, and Deborah Wiles.

One of our fellow librarians has put together a nifty online list of the nominated titles that we carry on our BiblioCommons catalog here.  If you click on the title of any or all of the books, you have a chance to submit a review of that book and let your fellow readers know if it's worth reading. (See also this link on how to add reviews, comments, ratings, etc.)  You can also place holds on the books you want to read on the list as well.

Have any of you already read some/all of these NBA nominees?  If so, feel free to send us any comments here and/or on our BiblioCommons catalog

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And the grand-prize goes to...

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Thumbnail image for Gillian.jpg

Gillian Koch was the lucky winner of our summer reading grand prize, a GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition camera. Congratulations Gillian!

What an exciting summer it has been!  65 students participated in our teen summer reading program "Spark a Reaction"  logging almost 126,000 pages and submitting 34 reviews!

Congratulations to everyone who earned prizes and thank you all for your participation!

It's Banned Books Week!

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BANNEDBKSWEEEK.pngYesterday, September 22, was the first day of Banned Books Week, which runs until September 28.  BBW "was launched in 1982 in response to a sudden surge in the number of challenges to books in schools, bookstores and libraries".  For more about the backstory behind this event, click here.   

Greenwich Library supports everybody's freedom to read what they want, especially at libraries.  We've put up a special web page here celebrating BBW and noting the 10 Most Challenged Books of 2012.  Which ones have you read?  Let us know. 

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TEENSTOP10(2013).pngIt's that time of year again!  You can help pick the top ten Young Adult books of 2013!

Teens' Top Ten is a "teen choice" list held by the Young Adult Library Service Association, where teens nominate and choose their favorite books of the previous year!

Voting will be open from August 15 through Teen Read Week, which is taking place October 13-19 of this year (2013)! The winners will be announced by YALSA on October 22, 2013, so be sure to check back for the list of winners!

For more info, click here

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