Beautiful Creatures

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BCjacket.pngFebruary 14, Valentine's Day, is also opening day for a new film Beautiful Creatures.  Based on a book written for Young Adults by Kami Garcia, Beautiful Creatures tells the story of a Lena, a girl who moves to South Carolina with her family.  Lena's family are "Casters" who are all endowed with witch-like powers. On her upcoming sixteenth birthday, Lena will learn if she will become a creature of the darkness or a creature of the light.  Feeling like an outsider in a new town, Lena falls in love with a boy named Ethan, with whom she shares a psychic connection that spans back to the Civil War.  If you're a fan of Twilight or supernatural romance, be sure to  check out this award winning title and of course, see the film. View the trailer below.

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1 Comment

Nice post. I have to check out this series. BTW there's a website on the books & movie at

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