"Superman Earth One: Volume Two" by Straczynski and Davis

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SupermanEarthOne2.pngThe sequel to 2010's Superman Earth One is finally here.  (Click here to reserve a copy from us.) Was it worth the wait? 

As recounted in this review of the first installment, writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Shane Davis have "rebooted" the Man of Steel for the 21st century.  Volume Two takes place some time after the previous book, with reporter Clark (Superman) Kent trying to please his boss, Daily Planet editor Perry White, getting an apartment, making new friends (including a potential romantic interest) and discovering that colleague Lois Lane has been secretly checking out his background.

Meanwhile, the Second Army Advanced Technology Division, a secret US military unit, is trying to convince the government to find and possibly destroy Superman. The corrupt military dictator of a tropical island nation called Borada (uh-huh) refuses to let Superman assist his people during a tsunami.  Oh, and a criminal named Jenson, finding himself transformed into The Parasite, a creature who can suck the life force out of anyone he touches, goes on the rampage.   

Toss in some very mature themes not usually found in a Superman story (drugs; sex; online pornography) and a surprise appearance by another familar, also rebooted, character (hint: he's now got hair), and you've got one exciting adventure that starts slow, then builds to an exciting and compelling climax.  Straczynski manages to deliver sharply etched characters (Clark's neighbor Eddie will break your heart) and action in a solid script, which Shane Davis' art aptly complements.

Check out Superman Earth Two: Volume Two.  It was worth the wait.   

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