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Teens4TeensBlogPic.pngAugust is going to be a busy month at Greenwich Library!  On August 1st, the Teens4Teens student volunteer committee will meet to discuss new ideas and programs for the library.  If you're interested, stop by!  (Click here for more info.)

Then the next day, August 2nd, we'll be having an event tied in with our "Own The Night" summer reading program on Apps.  "Teen App Slam" (click here for info) will have students who attend show off their favorite iPad and smartphone apps with everyone at the library's Technology Training Center, beginning at 5:00 pm.  If you've got an app you'd like to tell other people about, this is the place for you!

(And hey, have you sent us any reviews of books you've read this summer?  We've got several posted online here already!  Be sure to scroll down when you get to this link.)

Further upcoming events include a Hunger Games trivia program on August 6th at 7:00 pm, and a special showing of a film  chosen by you on August 16th.  For more updates, check back with us here and/or on Facebook and Twitter

The Geek's Guide To The Galaxy Podcast

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7-17-2012 2-00-54 PM.pngAre you a fan of both science and science fiction?  Then check out the podcast series The Geek's Guide To The Galaxy. Hosted by editor John Joseph Adams and author David Barr Kirtley, each installment features an interview with a leading figure in the world of science and science fiction, such as authors William Gibson, Robin Hobb, Kim Stanley Robinson and George R. R. Martin, as well as scientists like astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Also interviewed are filmmakers and video game designers.  For more, go to the podcast's website here

DarkKnightGamingDay.pngJoin us for our Dark Knight Rises kick-off/Gaming Day at the Greenwich Library on July 14th! Play Lego Batman and Arkham City on the Wii and Xbox! Also, other video games, board games and Legos will be available for all ages. In addition, we will be highlighting our collection of Dark Knight materials. Stop by anytime during the program for refreshments and a Dark Knight themed raffle!

The program kicks off at 1:30 pm and runs until 4:30.  For more info, call Everett Perdue at (203) 625-6507. 

220px-Dark_Knight.jpgIn anticipation of this summer's "The Dark Knight Rises" blockbuster, as well as our "Own The Night" summer reading program  on July 14th, Greenwich Library presents the 2008 thriller, "The Dark Knight"  at 2:00 pm in the second floor meeting room on Thursday, July 12th. Details here.

And on July 14th, be here for our Dark Knight Rises/Gaming Day event. 




Teens4TeensBlogPic.pngTeens4Teens will have its' next meeting on Wednesday, July 11th, at 4:00 pm in the Teen Central area on the second floor. For more details, click here.  If you're currently a student in grades 9-12 who wants to do independent projects and get Community Service credit, you'll want to sign up!

As we've mentioned before, any student from grades 9-12 can take part in using Greenwich Library's resources to initiate, develop and realize programs relevent to their particular age group as well as contributing to the community.  Teens4Teens members will attend monthly meetings at Teen Central on the second floor and be prepared to submit proposals -like the recent SAT Practice Test last May- for programs and services they believe will be of interest for their peers. 

These programs and services will include setting up author talks and concerts in the library, creating online web sites and eNewsletters, and creating/scheduling book clubs, poetry readings, art shows, mentoring, film/video festivals and summer reading programs, among other options.  And when you join Teens4Teens, you're also eligible for Community Service credit!

Meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of every month at 4:00 pm in Teen Central, but because last Wednesday was the 4th of July, we're having this month's meeting on the 11th. For more info, call Ed or Everett at (203) 622-7918 or (203) 635-6507, or contact us online by clicking here.  If you feel the library isn't meeting your needs or those of your friends and classmates, now's your chance to do something about it!

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