"I Am Legend" By Richard Matheson

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Imagine you're the last man on Earth.  Imagine you're the only human in a world populated by actual vampires who come out at night with only one purpose...  TO DRINK YOUR BLOOD!!!!

That's the cool set up to Richard Matheson's classic horror/science fiction thriller I Am Legend.  First published in 1954, I Am Legend focuses on Robert Neville, the last survivor of a bizarre worldwide plague that killed everybody and then revived them as mindless vampires.  Stuck in his house, Neville must, night after night, barracade himself against the zombie-like legions of the undead, hoping that he'll eventually encounter other human survivors like himself. 

Then one day, Neville discovers that he's not alone.  That there may be other humans out there. But they may not be friendly ones...

Terrifying from start to finish, with a powerful ending, I Am Legend is a fantastic novel to check out! Click here to reserve a copy from us!

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