Review: "Unwind" by Neal Shusterman

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9-27-2011 3-20-26 PM.pngToday, we've got a guest book review of Neal Shusterman's novel "Unwind" by Hannah:

This dystopian novel deals with the touchy topic of abortion. It takes place after a war, with one side for abortion, the other against it. After years of fighting, both sides come to the mutual agreement that aborting unborn babies will indeed be illegal.  However it is now legal to "unwind" your children between the ages of 13-18. This is the process of sending your children to a harvest camp, where they will be painlessly taken apart, with their body parts being used as organ donors.

The story centers around three teens who must avoid getting "unwound". The reasons for being "unwound" are as unique as the teens themselves. By working together, will these three ordinary teens have what it takes to beat the system? Or is there no avoiding their cruel fate?

Recommend? Yes.  "Unwind" kept me up at night thinking "What if?" days after I had finished it.

Rating: Love it

Thanks Hannah!  If anybody would like to reserve a copy of "Unwind", click here.

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