Teen Book Reviews: What Happened on Fox Street & The Vanishing Violin

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FoxStreet.pngTwo new reviews from Emma.  The first is on Tricia Springstubb's What Happened on Fox Street:

Fox Street is a dead end street with very few houses. Mo Wren lives with her father and "the Wild Child" aka Dottie. When Mo's best friend Mercedes comes to live with her grandmother across the street, Mo is overjoyed. All of a sudden, strange letters come to Mo's home threatening to buy her house.



Mo's father sees the letters and is set on selling the house. Mo must act fast to save her house and her whole street from destruction before it's too late. What will happen to Mo and Mercedes' friendship? Will there ever be a fox on Fox Street?

I would recommend this book to a friend. It is not very long or challenging, but it is meaningful. Each word is carefully chosen and makes you feel like a part of Fox Street. Tricia Springstubb does a wonderful job of expressing Mo's thoughts and feelings. You are able to make lots of connections throughout the book, which makes it more interesting to read.

Rating: Love it


VanishingViolin.pngNext, Emma goes into Michael D. Bell's The Vanishing Violin, the second and current installment of the "Red Blazer Girls" series:

Margaret, Leigh Ann, Sophie, and Rebecca form a detective group called "The Red Blazer Girls." They solve mysteries around their neighborhood. For example, who is remodeling the school, who stole a famous violin, and who gave the girls a violin bow and treasure hunt? The RB Girls find themselves involved in revenge, snooping, and forming a band. Who is the culprit for these crimes? Who should they trust?

I would recommend this book to a friend. It has real math and logic problems printed into the book, which makes it really interesting. Also, it has exciting action and intense characters. Using the clues provided, you are able to figure the mysteries out on your own or along with "The Red Blazer Girls."

Rating: Love it

As always, thanks for your perceptive reviews Emma.  When do you sleep?

Seriously, thanks again.  And for everybody out there who wants to submit their own reviews, don't forget that the deadline for our contest is this Friday, December 17th.  For details, click here.  The drawing for prizes will be on December 23rd (details on that here).


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