Teen Book Reviews: The Smoky Corridor & Crazy (Plus One More)

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smokycorridor.pngBenjamin's back with two new reviews plus another take on a book previously reviewed by Michael.  First up is The Smoky Corridor by Chris Grabenstein:

The Smoky Corridor is a spine chilling book, the third in the Zach Jennings series. Personally, I think that this is Mr. Grabenstein's best book so far. It is about a boy named Zach Jennings who moves to a new school which has zombies roaming the halls! Unfortunately, only Zach can see the zombies. Almost immediately, the zombies start to cause trouble for Zach and it is up to him to get rid of the zombies once and for all.





Recommend?: I would recommend this book to anyone who likes horror, adventure, and mystery.

Rating: Love it

Next, Benjamin reviews Han Nolan's Crazy:

crazybk.pngThis book is about a boy named Jason who lives with his dad, who is mentally crazy.  Dad thinks that Jason is the Jason from the Greek myths. Then Dad starts to get lost in the middle of the night and tries to attempt suicide. Jason decides that it is time to get some help so he goes to the school counselor. The counselor helps Jason along with 3 other kids that are having family issues. Without warning, Jason's dad steels a violin worth millions of dollors that belongs to a famous violinist. Jason has to make a life changing decision. Turn his dad in to the authorities or keep him the way he is.

I would reccomend this book because it shows you a whole different perspective about life.

Rating: Love it

wartoendallwars.pngFinally, here's Benjamin's take on Russell Freedman's previously reviewed (by Michael, remember?) work,  The War To End All Wars: World War I:

This is a non-fiction book on World War I. The cool thing about the book was that it's  told like a novel! With amazing pictures, Mr. Freedman explains the horrors of WWI. Not only does it report/chronicle American civilians' views but also the views of the soldiers living in the trenches.

I would recommened this to a friend if they like learning about American history.

Rating: Love it


Thanks, Benjamin, for the reviews. 


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