Teen Book Reviews: The Kite Runner & The Five People You Meet In Heaven

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kiterunner.pngWe've got two reviews by Roma today.   The first one is on Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner:

This book is about two boys, Amir and Hassan, who grow up together in Afghanistan like brothers, although they couldn't be more different.  


Amir is the son of a wealthy businessman, a Sunni Muslim, a Pashtun, and he's educated. Hassan's father is a servant to Amir's father, and Hassan is a Sh'ia Muslim, a Hazara. He's illiterate, and has a harelip. But neither boy has a mother and they spend their boyhoods roaming the streets of Kabul together. Amir, though, continually uses his superior position to taunt or abuse Hassan, and one day hides in fear as Hassan is beaten mercilessly by bullies. Amir sends Hassan and his father away in fear so his shame about not helping Hassan when he was being raped would go away. A couple years later, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan sends Amir's family to the United States, but he later returns to Afghanistan as an adult during the Taliban rule to atone for his sins to Hassan.

I would definitively recommend this book to a friend. It is a inspirational and well-written story that teaches each of us to do better. This is by far one of my favorite books.

Rating: Love it


fivepeopleyoumeet.pngAnd here's Roma's take on Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet In Heaven: 

This book is about a 83-year old man, Eddie, who is head of maintance at the aRuby Pier musement park. After living a life he thought was useless, Eddie meets five people who teach him lessons about pivitol moments in his life.

I would recommend this book to a friend. This is because this book taught me and probably other readers valuable lessons in life. I learned about true love, sacrifice, and relationships between human beings just by reading this book.

Rating: Love it


Thanks Roma.  We've got another review from you coming up soon.


How about the rest of you?  Want to send us some book reviews to post online.  Remember, you've now got till December 17th to send us some.  Details here. 

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