Teen Book Reviews: First Light & The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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firstlight.pngClaire's back with two new reviews.  First up is Rebecca Stead's First Light:

The book "First Light" was about a boy named Peter who lives with his parents in New York. His father has to go to Greenland for a business trip and decides to drag along Peter, his wife, and a friend of theirs. On the other half of the story there is a girl named Thea.

She lives in Greenland in a secret underground city called Gracehope. Problems arise in Gracehope causing lots of action and conflicts. While Peter is in Greenland he mistakenly meets Thea and helps her rescue her friend. As the two stories are told, you find out how closely the characters relate to each other and how they must help each other.

I would recommend this book to anyone because it was so exciting and filled with action. I also liked how the chapters switched off from the two characters, Peter and Thea. This was a book that anyone will love reading.

Rating: Love it

tomsawyer.pngClaire also reviews Mark Twain's classic work,  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer:

This book was about a young boy named Tom Sawyer. He was mischievous and often got in trouble at school and at home with his Aunt Polly. On the other hand, Tom is also a very adventurous boy who enjoys hanging out with Huckleberry Finn and spending time with Becky Thatcher. He and Huck were exploring and overheard a dangerous man named Injun Joe talk about treasure that he had hidden. Being a very curious and adventurous boy, Tom decided to look for the treasure with Huck.

While on this treasure hunt Tom also goes on a picnic with Becky near a large cave. They decided to explore the vast gloomy cave and get terribly lost in it. Tom and Becky spend a long time in the cave until they are finally saved and can Tom can continue on with his mischief.

Twain's Tom Sawyer is an amazing book that I would recommend to everyone. This book had you turning pages rapidly and sitting in a chair reading for hours. It is full of action and intriguing characters. This is one of the best books I have read in a while.

Rating: Love it

Nice job Claire.

If you out there want to submit some reviews, find out how at this link.  Remember:  the deadline to send us reviews is this Friday, December 17th! 



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