Teen Book Review: Waiting For Normal by Leslie Connor

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waitingfornormal.pngEmma's back with a review of Leslie Connor's Waiting For Normal:

Addie is a girl in 6th grade who lives in a trailer with her "mommers." Mommers stays out late, is divorced, buys lots of school supplies, and smokes cigarettes. She is not exactly the most ideal mother. When Addie's stepfather, Dwight, takes her little sisters away and plans to get remarried, Addie feels like her family doesn't care about her. Across from her trailer there is a minimart which is run by a cancer victim, Soula. Soula and her friend Elliot are faced with many obstacles but are the best of friends to Addie. Addie is faced with the hardships of middle school, a neglecting family, and a falling down trailer. Will Addie have a happy ending, or will her life be ruined more?  


I would definitely recommend Waiting For Normal to a friend. The words in this book are very strong and unique. Addie's life situation makes me realize how well off I am and it makes you realize how hard life can be. Be prepared to be moved and deeply touched by the characters, in fact I cried while reading this book. Leslie Connor did a wonderful job of writing Addie's life and developing a believable conflict in the plot.

Rating: Love it

Thanks Emma. 

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