Teen Book Review: The Dreamer by Pam Munoz Ryan

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TheDreamer.pngThe deadline to submit entries for our Teen Book Reviews contest has passed and we'll be having the drawing for prizes this Thursday, December 23rd at 2pm  (details here).  Meanwhile, we still have some reviews we received before last Friday's deadline to post, so here's Benjamin's take on The Dreamer by Pam Munoz Ryan, with illustrations by Peter Sis:


The book The Dreamer is about a little boy named Neftali who has a very mean and cruel father. When the father brings Neftali and his little sister on vacation to the beach, they are looking forward to it. But instead, their father makes them stay in the freezing water because he thinks it builds character and endurance. Neftali and his sister are having a horrible time, until Neftali makes a very unusual friend. He and fhis riend spend hours together until the friend gets injured. Neftali doesn't know what to do about his unusual friend. Read the book to find out.  

I probably would not recommend this book unless the person wanting to read it loves poetry because every few pages has a different poem on it.

Rating: It's okay

Thanks Benjamin.  Hope to see you and the reviewers on Thursday. 

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