Teen Book Review: Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson

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forge.pngJD gives us a rundown on Laurie Halse Anderson's Forge, the sequel to her previous book, Chains:

Curzon, the main character was fighting as an ordinary free soldier at Valley Forge until his old master shows up. Curzon and his master meet and Curzon's  invited to go the house his master is staying at. Curzon thinks it's for catching up on the past but its not. He then becomes his master's slave again. Will Curzon escape and reunite with his friend Isabell or will he stay a slave forever?


I would recommend this book to anybody because the author's description of the sequences in the book is amazing. The suspense is great. Just as you think you're at the climax you're not.

Rating: Love it.

Thanks JD.

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