Two Teen Book Reviews: Three Black Swans & Chains

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3blackswans.pngEmma's back with two reviews this time.  The first one's on Three Black Swans by Caroline B. Cooney:

Missy Vianello gets assigned a project were you have to make up a hoax. The hoax can be pretending lamb bones are pterodactyl bones or selling fake gasoline made of corn. Missy decides that she and her cousin Claire are going to pretend to be identical twins.



Missy and Claire get on the school news that is displayed on a television. Everyone believes that Missy and her cousin are twins. One of the students puts a video of the two girls on youtube. Genevieve Candler, a girl in New Jersey, sees the video and relizes she's staring at herself, the girls look exactly like her. Genevieve sends a friend request to the two girls on a online social network. Soon the girls realize that Genevieve, Missy, and Claire may be identical triplets. The three girls must figure out if they are triplets, who their mother is,and where their real parents are. Genevieve, Missy, and Claire risk everything to discover their true identity.

I would recommend Three Black Swans to a friend. This book is full of amazing suspense, hidden secrets, and false identities. Caroline B. Cooney uses interesting dialouge and metaphors which move the story along and make you want to keep reading. The chapters switch persepectives so you get multiple points of view and get to see all the characters feelings. The topic of Three Black Swans is strange, but the way Caroline B. Cooney tells it, the product is truly captivating.

Rating: Love it

chains.pngAnd here's Emma's take on Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson: 

Thirteen-year-old Isabel is back on the market with her 5-year-old sister Ruth. Isabel and Ruth's mistress Miss Mary Finch died, resulting in a quest for a new master. Robert Finch sells the girls to a malicious couple, the Locktons. When Ruth and Isabel arrive in New York, where their new home is, Isobeel meets a boy named Curzon. Curzon encourages Isabel to spy on her owners who know valuable secrets about the British plans for invasion. When her little sister Ruth is stolen, Isabel realizes she has to comit her loyalty to whoever will give her freedom. Will she rescue Ruth? Will she ever become free?

I would recommend this book to a friend. Chains shows the intensity and the horrors of being a slave. After reading Chains you have a whole other perspective and feelings about enslaved people. This book transports you back in time and makes you feel like you're living the story. Chains helps you realize how much New York and political ideas have progressed. This book has an interesting topic that is both sad and action packed. Chains is an amazing book that everyone should read.

Rating: Love it 

Thanks for the twofer Emma. 

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